Bob Arum is at it again; he’s beating the drum for a fight most fans know has no chance of becoming a reality.  Arum yet again hinted at a possible Mayweather v Pacquiao clash, a prospect that is just lost hope for most boxing fans. Arum, the CEO of Top Rank which employs Pacquiao, has kept the idea floating for years but now, it’s just becoming tired talk.


Arum is currently preping for Pacquiao’s next clash with brawler Brandon Rios but can’t help himself from talking about the seemingly impossible clash with Mayweather. 

Arum is hopeful that a lucrative offer from a stadium in Asia may finally lead to a fight between the two stars.  “Never say never” Arum said on Mayweather v Pacquiao.  “ I think when Floyd realizes the economic benefits of doing a fight in Asia, maybe at the new Singapore Stadium…maybe that will open up a dialogue for a Pacquiao v Mayweather fight in Asia.”  Please Bob, save us the tired rhetoric.


Don’t be fooled by this quote; we are no closer to a fight between the two boxers.  The main reason being that Mayweather will never let Top Rank (Arum especially) dictate where the fight will be held.  If miraculously, a fight was to come to fruition, Mayweather would force it to be made on his terms meaning, it wouldn’t leave the safe Mayweather confines of Las Vegas.  Mayweather, a Las Vegas resident, hasn’t fought outside the gambling capital since 2005 and has held virtually every fight since at the MGM Grand Casino. 


Also, Arum seems to forget that Mayweather does his business through rival Golden Boy Promotions and also recently signed a five-fight contract with Showtime with whom Arum no longer does business with.  At the end of the day, there are just too many roadblocks to get past for a fight ever to be made.  We can keep dreaming but that’s where the fight will remain; in our pipe dreams.