I'm a huge fan of the NBA. I watch it nightly. I have League Pass just like I get NFL Sunday Ticket every year. One of the good things about television these days is the ability to watch pretty much any game you want at any time. Believe me when I tell you that I take full advantage of that. 

I work from home regularly, so most of my nights are spent writing some kind of column, responding to emails or just keeping my eye on the games. I also play nightly fantasy basketball at sites like fanudel.com and draftstreet.com, so basically I'm a NBA junkie. I'm proud to admit that.

Late on Sunday night the Los Angeles Clippers were on their way to a 129-97 route of the Detroit Pistons. I wasn't watching that game when this amazing play happened, but I had my Twitter feed open and I saw it blow up. Why? Because of this dunk by Clippers center DeAndre Jordan over Pistons guard Brandon Knight:

Oh me oh my. Wow.

The play was pretty basic. Chris Paul was on the right side of the court. Lamar Odom was getting ready to set a screen when Jordan's defender Greg Monroe started to shade over towards Paul. Jordan did the right thing by running to the basket because in basketball you're taught that if your man turns your back to you then the right play is to run towards the basket. A lot of times when that happens, a help defender shows up. In this case it's Pistons 6'3" shooting guard Brandon Knight. Oops. DeAndre Jordan is 6'11" and what you saw in that video was one of the best in-game dunks in the history of the NBA. 

Somebody get a spatula. Brandon Knight needs it.

I've always been the kind of guy that likes in games dunk more than dunk contests. This is an example of that. You can't predict when they're going to happen or how they are going to happen. But when they happen like this they bring us out of our seats and make us realize just how special these moments can be.

If you're DeAndre Jordan you can certainly make a face like this.

Because that was filthy.

Also I give Brandon Knight credit for joking about it on Twitter. 

Well played.

Even though it was a 6'11" guy dunking on a 6'3" guy it was still very impressive and it was a dunk we won't soon forget.

I think in the next day or two I'll make a post about my favorite in-game dunks ever. Will be fun to go down memory lane for that one.

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