Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., pampered and spoiled since first coming into the pro ranks, again gets the benefit of the doubt in an awful decision that has angered many people throughout boxing.  Most at ringside and most watching at home had this fight for Vera.  No, it wasn’t a blowout by any means but Vera landed more and was busier throughout the night.  Instead, Chavez Jr. inexplicability walked away with a unanimous decision.

The three judges had the fight scored 96-94, 97-93, and 98-92, ALL for Chavez Jr.  We can understand the 96-94 score but the other two are a disgrace to the sports.  This is only two weeks after CJ Ross gave a horrendous scorecard in the Mayweather v Alvarez fight and was forced to step down.  The judges that scored the latter two scorecards deserve the same treatment. 

Vera did an excellent job at backing Chavez Jr. up in virtually ever round and throwing combinations to his body and head.  Chavez Jr. repeatedly complained about blows below the belt but most of those were 100% fair shots.  Chavez Jr. just wasn’t use to something not going his way.  Chavez Jr. did land the harder punches and won some rounds because of those shots but Vera did more to win rounds.  Chavez Jr. looked enormous compared to the middleweight Vera; it was almost like watching a heavyweight face off against a middleweight.

Chavez Jr. has made it far considering his talent and work ethic but he has reached his peak.  His dedication to the sport is an utter joke at this point and this decision does nothing to downplay that.  If HBO really wanted to teach him a lesson, they would not bring him back for his next outing but instead give Vera, the rightly deserving winner, a big-money fight.

But knowing how the economics work in the sport, we all know that Chavez Jr. will be back and probably in a big fight.  If he wins his next fight, it probably will be against Andre Ward and knowing Ward clamor for a big-money fight, he will gladly take that challenge.  But Chavez Jr. would be made to look like an amateur if that fight comes to fruition.  Here’s hoping that sanity prevails and Top Rank and HBO punish Chavez Jr. for his disregard for his team or his fans.