John: Week nine of the NFL season is here. By the end of this week every team in the league will have played at least eight games, which is half of their schedule for those that can't figure out what half of sixteen is. 

As always I'm joined by Bret Clev and Mike Maloney to break down tonight's game. 

As seen below, all three of us are doing really well. I'll expand more on that a bit in Friday's picks column, but I'm pleased with how all of us are doing.

Standings after Week 8 (Straight Up) 

John 76-42 .644 (Last Week 12-2) 

Mike 75-43 .636 (10-4)

Bret 75-43 .636 (9-5)

Now onto this week's game.

Kansas City (1-6) at San Diego (3-4)    8:20 PM   

Bret: I'll take San Diego in a tight one. I don't expect either team to get up for this and for it to be even more boring than San Diego/Cleveland in the rain. San Diego 12 Kansas City 6

Mike: What did we ever do to deserve this game?  The Chiefs are 1-6 and their only win came against the Saints in OT in a game they really should have lost.  The Chargers are 3-4 and just lost 7-6 against Cleveland in a game I didn't watch but I can only assume was one of the worst games of the year.  7-6, and there was only one turnover the entire game.  There were 15 total punts in the game for 635 total yards.  By comparison both teams had a combined 515 yards of offense.  I'm pretty sure that needs to be an unofficial rule:  If the teams' combined punting yards is greater than their combined offensive yards, you're probably watching a terrible game.  Or an SEC game.  Philip Rivers was 18-34 for 154 yards (4.5 yards per attempt) and Brandon Weeden was 11-27 for 129 yards (4.8 yards per attempt).  But hey, no interceptions! 

I can only assume last week's game will result in Norv getting a contract extension because, hey, nothing else the guy has done has gotten him fired.  Anyways, I guess I should actually talk about this week's game, even though I honestly could not care less about either of these teams.  The good news (I guess?) for the Chiefs is that Matt Cassel is back.  I at least appreciate that for fantasy purposes as Brady Quinn has been killing Dwayne Bowe.  The bad news is that last week the Chiefs gave Jamaal Charles the ball five times.  FIVE.  And when Romeo Crennel was asked why they would only give their stud running back five carries in the enter game, he had this to say: "Now, that I'm not exactly sure, either".  That's quote of the year material right there. 

I suppose big picture I think Kansas City is more dysfunctional than San Diego, although really both of these teams are just awful.  I guess I'm taking the Chargers, but I don't feel good about it, and I could totally believe any outcome happening in this game.  San Diego 17 Kansas City 13   

John: I like to brag a lot about predictions. I think we all do. When we get something right we like to give ourselves a pat on the back as if to say "good job, good effort." In my case, I deserve to get kicked in the balls for predicting that the Chiefs would finish 9-7 and win the AFC West. What the hell happened to this team? Two years ago they were a playoff team. Last year injuries destroyed them. Then they ended last year well. This year they look like the worst team in the league and I'm sure a lot of Chiefs fans are hoping they finish last overall so they can draft a quarterback first overall to help this offseason going. I think the team has given up this year and I don't see myself picking them to win very much the rest of the way. They have the makings of a three or four win team at best. 

As Mike pointed out, when the head coach Romeo Crennel has no idea why the best player on the team, Jamaal Charles, only touched the ball five times last week it’s a bad sign. It was stupid of Romeo to even say that publicly because it makes him look out of touch. His team's record already does that enough to make me think that anyway. 

The Chargers had a chance to make some noise, but three straight losses including a 28 point blown lead against the Broncos and just six points last week against the Browns has sent them in the wrong direction. It's the AFC, though, so sitting at 3-4 isn't that bad. Their schedule the rest of the way isn't that bad, but do they have the talent to finish with 9 or 10 wins needed to make the playoffs? I don't think so. I think it's going to be the last year for Norv Turner coaching this team and I think a lot of Chargers fans will likely be happy about that. 

This game won't be fun to watch. I'll go with the Chargers winning just because the Chiefs defense is so bad that even the errant throws of Phil Rivers will be enough to beat them. This could be the game where Ryan Mathews shows that he has the potential to be an elite running back even though he has yet to prove that he's consistent enough to be that. A home game against a bad Chiefs defense could be good for the Chargers offense. Playing at home in San Diego certainly beats the Cleveland weather they had to deal with last week. 

The point spread sees the Chargers favored by 9 points with an over/under of 41.5 points. I think the Chargers will cover, but the total will be under the number just barely. Chargers 27-13 

Thanks for reading. We'll see you again on Friday for the rest of this week's games. 

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