John Canton: It's week eleven of the NFL season. As always I'm joined by Bret Clev and Mike Maloney to go over every game this week. 

I'm going to use this space to rant about the 24-24 game between the San Francisco 49ers and my St. Louis Rams. It was frustrating to watch because in my opinion the Rams controlled the game, but because of too many mistakes they ended up with a tie. It felt like a loss. I'm happy that the Rams played with a lot of heart and nearly pulled off an upset as 11 point underdogs. Like Coach Jeff Fisher said, they can learn from it. I just wish they won the game because 4-5 heading into a game against the Jets sounds better than 3-5-1 doesn't it? I need to convince myself that I'm happy with six or seven wins. I am. I think. 

Standings Straight Up After Week 10:

John 97-48-1 .669 (Last Week 9-4-1)

Mike 94-51-1 .648 (10-3-1)

Bret 93-52-1 .641 (8-5-1)

Mike got the Bills right on Thursday while Bret and I believed in the Dolphins. We were wrong.  

Byes: Tennessee, Minnesota, NY Giants, Seattle 

Can I speak for all Adrian Peterson fantasy owners and just say that I really don't like seeing you on a bye week even though the two weeks of rest is probably a good thing. It's the last week for bye weeks. There will be 16 games weekly for the final six weeks of the season. 

All game times are Eastern. 

Arizona (4-5) at Atlanta (8-1) 1:00 PM

Bret: We have to start with this one? 

Arizona's defense settled into the land of average, and won't be able to do enough to keep this game close. Atlanta, at home, will easily have their way with an Arizona team who have been downright awful since September. Snore. Atlanta 28 Arizona 14

Mike: Tough game for the Cardinals to go up against right after their bye week.  I don't imagine going up against the Falcons will do anything to alleviate Arizona's offensive issues, and Atlanta is undoubtedly in rebound mode after losing their first game of the season.  The Cardinals' defense could keep this one within the spread (Atlanta -9.5), but there's no way they're scoring enough points to win.  Atlanta 24 Arizona 13 

John: Remember when the Cardinals were 4-0? I barely do. Imagine if this game happened in week five it would have been considered a big deal because they were both undefeated at that point. Those days are long gone.

I think the Falcons will cruise to a victory. However, I don't see it being a 400 yard passing day for Matt Ryan because one of the things the Cards are still good at is defending the pass. I think the Falcons will have to show some balance on offense a bit, but I don't see them having a problem. 

The Cardinals offense may be the worst in football. You have to feel bad for Larry Fitzgerald in that sense. The Falcons defense is improved this year, which is why they are legit threat to win the Super Bowl. This will be a good bounce back game for them after last week's loss to the Saints and then next week they get the Saints again on a Thursday. Falcons 27-10 

Cleveland (2-7) at Dallas (4-5) 1:00 PM        

Bret: Exactly what Dallas needs. Cleveland has made their run of 'games where we look a little frisky' and have settled nicely back into their 'we're actually not that great' phase.

Cleveland will be able to put up a few points offensively, but they're still too young to outplay a professional defense such as Dallas.

Dallas' offense can use this game to continue to get things back on track. It won't be a pretty game, but Dallas wins it. Dallas 30 Cleveland 21

Mike: Another lopsided matchup, and one I would expect the Cowboys to win handily.  A win here gets them back to .500, and with the way the Giants have looked lately they could be right back in the thick of the division race, which is right where they want to be for when they inevitably fall apart at the end of the season.  Dallas' defense should be too much for Cleveland to have a ton of success against, and their greatest asset, Trent Richardson, could be neutralized as the game goes on and they have to focus more on passing and less on running.  Dallas 31 Cleveland 17 

John: The key to this game involves the Cowboys defense being able to stop RB Trent Richardson early on. If the Browns can't run the ball their offense really struggles. I think the Cowboys will key on him, slow him down substantially and then pull away later in the game. They're just the better team. 

It's the perfect game for the Cowboys to win in blowout fashion, get to 5-5 and then have the media try to put them over (wrestling term) as a threat to win the Super Bowl even though they will have to fight just to get in the playoffs in a very competitive NFC. Cowboys 34-14 

Green Bay (6-3) at Detroit (4-5)         1:00 PM         

Bret: I really don't see how Green Bay is only a 3 point favorite in this game. After a few early week hiccups offensively, they've been downright dominant. Detroit has proven to be weak defensively and continue to struggle without a completely healthy Calvin Johnson offensively. Green Bay scores at will here, and Detroit doesn't have the health or depth to keep up. Green Bay 34 Detroit 24

Mike: Big game this week for both sides, Green Bay with a win and knowing the Bears are sending Jason Campbell up against the Niners could be looking at a tie for the division lead at the end of the week.  Detroit is looking for a win to get back to .500 and keep their dim playoff hopes alive.  I thought Detroit was pretty disappointing last week coming out flat against the Vikings and if they do the same thing this week there's really no chance that they come back.  Even without Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson, the Packers have still averaged 28 points per game the last three weeks despite their offense looking less than impressive.   

With Clay Matthews, Charles Woodson, and Jennings all out for this game, and Bryan Bulaga (right tackle) now out of the season, if the Lions are going to steal a win this would be the time to do it.  However, with the Lions' passing game taking a step back from last year and Green Bay being fairly effective against the run, I could see this being a long game for the Lions' offense.  Detroit is always a tough place for the Packers to play, but I think they pull out a close one here.  Green Bay 24 Detroit 20 

John: I think this will be a close game. The Lions passing attack is nearly what it was last year since they lead the league in passing yards at 307 per game. They're just not winning as many games. It's a consistency thing. Still, I think against the Packers they'll be able to move the ball and put some points on the board. 

I still think Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL. I think he might end up with the MVP award again if he goes on a tear to end the season and his team wins 11 or 12 games. Considering their running game is worthless all the pressure is on him, yet he's still able to deliver on a consistent basis. He's an under the radar MVP candidate right now, but it could be him for the second year in a row. I wonder if I should place a bet on that? Hmmm. 

Packers will win and it could come down to the wire. It will be fun to watch. Packers 30-27 

Cincinnati (4-5) at Kansas City (1-8)              1:00 PM        

Bret: An intriguing game here. Kansas City is coming off a strong showing in Pittsburgh -but that was on a rainy Monday night, and I don't know how much that will leave in the tank for this week.

I don't see who KC has to stop the AJ Green Show - Cincinnati is averaging 24 points per game - sounds about right for this one.

Offensively, I still don't see much going on for Kansas City. Too many mistakes, too little Charles Johnson. Kansas City is averaging 16 points a game. That sounds about right too.

Average game. Cincinnati 24 Kansas City 16

Mike: Shockingly impressive win by the Bengals over the Giants last week.  I suppose we can chalk that up somewhat to the Giants being the Giants, but either way, it's the best their offense has looked in a while, with Andy Dalton throwing for four touchdowns and no interceptions.  I'd expect more success from them against this week, as Kansas City continues to be dreadful.  They're leading my list of worst teams in the NFL right now, although congrats to them on finally taking a lead for the first time in a game last week.  Only took 10 weeks.  Cincinnati 27 Kansas City 17 

John: I'm not picking the Chiefs again this year. Not doing it! I have a few times this year and as you can tell from their sparkling 1-8 record picking them is not a key to success. It's not like the Bengals give me much faith either, but at least they have a competent QB in Andy Dalton. That's more than the Chiefs have at this point. They really need to improve the running game in the offseason because what they have right now isn't cutting it. I don't see myself flipping to this game too much during my Sunday Ticket viewing of the early games. Bengals 23-17 

Philadelphia (3-6) at Washington (3-6)           1:00 PM

Bret: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well - call me insane, because I'm picking the Eagles again. This team just has too much damn talent to lose this much. They were in the game last week until a couple of bam-bam-bam plays put them out of the game in a heartbeat. 

Nick Foles may be a below average QB, but the Washington pass defense is a below average unit as well. I think Foles has a mediocre day, the Skins struggle to move the ball through the air, and Vick stays mysteriously concussed for the rest of the season. Philadelphia 20 Washington 16

Mike: Trainwreck television at its finest, and I'd hate to be stuck watching it.  Andy Reid gets to avoid the "Should Michael Vick be benched?" conversation for a week, as he went ahead and got himself injured last week, allowing Nick Foles to come in and show what he's got this week, which is really what everyone wanted to see happen anyways.  And really I think he'll be the focal point of whether or not the Eagles can win the game.   

The Redskins were really struggling on defense leading up to their bye week, so if they've made some adjustments, can come back with some idea of what to do, the game is theirs for the taking.  Ultimately I think Washington's offense will be a little more composed than Philly's offense, and I think the week off will give the Redskins the edge.  Washington 31 Philadelphia 24 

John: Both teams are pretty bad. I think with the Redskins we expected them to be bad because they still have a lot of holes to fill despite having a QB in Robert Griffin III who has about 47 commercials on television right now. In the case of the Eagles, they may be the biggest disappointment of the entire season. Now with backup QB Nick Foles calling the shots in place of the injured Michael Vick, you have to wonder what their struggling offense is going to look like. 

Lucky for the Eagles, the Redskins have one of the worst defenses in the league. I think losing OLB Brian Orakpo early in the season was one of the costliest injuries this year because he was a difference maker for them. Now they get no pass rush and their secondary is awful, so teams are able to put points on the board rather easily. 

I think the Redskins will be ready, though. They're coming off the bye week, they should be very prepared and I'm hoping RG3 finishes the year strong (for fantasy football purposes, of course). I'd be happy with the Redskins losing every game the rest of the way and getting a top three draft pick because it belongs to my Rams, but I think they'll find a way to win this game. It will be close. Redskins 27-26 

Tampa Bay (5-4) at Carolina (2-7)     1:00 PM     

Bret: I'm still not totally on board the Tampa is a playoff contender train, but I am on board the Carolina is bad train. They did nothing to impress me last week. They're taking a lot of shots deep, but they aren't connecting. They are running pretty well - but getting away from it too quickly. They just have no identity or rhythm on offense - which I think is a major problem for an NFL team.

Tampa certainly has an identity on offense, and we should continue to see them grow against an easily beaten Carolina pass defense. I really have no idea how this is a pick 'em game. Tampa Bay 31 Carolina 20

Mike: I had to give this one a lot of thought.  Tampa's offense has been en fuego the last few weeks, and Carolina had been playing pretty stout defense and while the Broncos won convincingly last week it was not necessarily a great offensive performance on their part.  Ultimately I'm sticking with Tampa here because I just think their offense is too much, and Carolina has been struggling too much offensively to really be able to take advantage of Tampa's own struggles on defense.  Tampa 34 Carolina 24 

John: Upset! I love home underdogs. Granted it's not a major upset since the Bucs are only favored by one point, but it still counts. The Panthers are coming off a beatdown by the Broncos last week that saw them lose 36-14. Prior to that loss, most of their losses were in close games aside from one against the Giants. They also lost to the Bucs in week one in a 16-10 "classic" that nobody remembers except maybe the guys that played in the game. 

The Bucs, meanwhile, are on fire after winning three in a row and four of their last five. Look at their points scored in their last five games: 38, 28 (a loss), 36, 42 and 34 points last week against the Chargers. They're the hot team and somebody a lot of people are riding as a potential playoff team. Offensively they're dynamic thanks to QB Josh Freeman hitting WR Vincent Jackson and rookie RB Doug Martin doing amazing things behind a very good offensive line. But have you seen their pass defense? Last in the league. They're first against the run because teams know they can be thrown on. 

I like the Panthers in this game because I think QB Cam Newton will show why he's a difference maker. With the Bucs looking to shut down his ability to run, look for Newton to air it out to WR Steve Smith and TE Greg Olsen as they carve up the Bucs defense en route to victory. I'm predicting quite a few high scoring games this week. How about another one? Panthers 38-31 

Jacksonville (1-8) at Houston (8-1)    1:00 PM         

Bret: Cue Vince McMahon's music. Although I've seen lines as high as 18....that's a freakin' ton. No chance in hell I'm betting on that though. Houston 31 Jacksonville 9

Mike: The horror.  The horror.  What else can you say about this game?  Jacksonville is in a tight race for the #1 overall pick.  Houston is trying to see if they can lock up the division before December comes around.  Houston's winning big.  Houston 38 Jacksonville 13

John: Best team in the league (in my opinion) versus the worst team in the league (in my opinion). I think it will be exactly what we expect it to be. I wouldn't touch the point spread because the Texans are going to be up early and they could coast late, which would then allow the Jags to get in a sneaky cover. Texans 27-6 

NY Jets (3-6)  at St. Louis (3-5-1)      1:00 PM

Bret: St. Louis showed exactly who they are last week: A team that's putting together some talent and can play with the best teams in the league on any given week - but who also struggles to get out of their own way. They're a playoff team in a year or two. But we're talking about this week, and this week they'll beat the dead horse that is the New York Jets' season.

I don't know if Rex Ryan should get canned at the end of the year, but whoever thought bringing Tim Tebow to New York to sell jerseys was a good idea really should. Poor Mark Sanchez. Poor Tim Tebow. What a brutal offense.

Fisher's a smart enough coach to know field goals will do in this one. I'm predicting 6 of them for The Leg. St. Louis 18 New York 10

Mike: Ugh, I hate so many of the games on this week.  While the Jets may do a little better than they did against the Seahawks, why should I expect their offense to be competitive?  I mean, maybe they can actually manage to score double digits this week, right?  Just a wasted game between two teams that aren't going anywhere this season.  I'd expect the Rams to win handily, but I also feel bad for anyone stuck watching this game as well.  St. Louis 20 New York Jets 10  

John: I'm still stewing from the tie last week. It bothers me. If it bothers me and I'm just a diehard fan then imagine was the Rams players and coaches feel? I'm glad a team with an inept offense like the Jets are coming to town because they're the perfect kind of team that the Rams can take their anger out on. 

What's there to say about the Jets offense? Mark Sanchez looks like the worst starting QB in the league and even with a backup QB in Tim Tebow who sports a winning record they seem content to throw Sanchez out there week after week. Fine by me. This Rams defense is a talented group that will make life very difficult for whoever the Jets have at QB. I think if the Jets pass a lot they're going to get beat badly. If they establish the run early they can definitely stay in the game. 

The last Rams win happened on October 4th against the Cardinals. That was five games ago. This week I think RB Steven Jackson will have a big game, QB Sam Bradford will spread the ball around and I hope WR Danny Amendola scores a TD because his toughness this season is very inspiring. I think the Rams defense will dominate this game. And the offense will do enough to get the win. Rams 23-10 

New Orleans (4-5)  at Oakland (3-6)              4:05 PM        

Bret: I'm always weary of picking against Oakland at home. They do a great job of catching teams coming West, but their secondary is awful, and that loss in Baltimore isn't the sort of thing you bounce back from. New Orleans claws their way back to .500 in this one off a huge day for Brees and Graham. New Orleans 38 Oakland 28

Mike: Maybe this will just be one of those wacky weeks where who knows what will happen, because so many of these games on paper just seem to pick themselves.  New Orleans is red hot, Oakland is bad, bad, bad.  We've probably got a high scoring affair in order, and has been the case for most of the last month and a half, I expect New Orleans to just be able to outscore their opponent.  Picking against the Raiders is never the wrong decision. New Orleans 38 Oakland 31 

John: The teams are similar in that they have atrocious defenses while their offenses are able to put points on the board. I think Carson Palmer is having a very good season statistically, but it doesn't matter because their defense is so bad. Playing against a red hot Saints team that has won four of five is not going to help that defense at all. Huge game for Drew Brees and that offense. 

It's impressive that the Saints are nearly 5-5 after a brutal 0-4 start and I can assure you that none of the other playoff teams will want to match up with these guys. They're scary. This has shootout potential. And it will reach that potential. Saints 41-37 

San Diego (4-5)  at Denver (6-3)        4:25 PM        

Bret: This is one of 3 games left that worry me for the Broncos. San Diego has won in Denver the past 3 years, and while everyone remembers the comeback by the Broncos a few weeks ago - I haven't forgotten that it was 24-0 San Diego at one point. Denver has struggled all year with tight ends, so expect another out-of-the-blue big day for Antonio Gates. 

But, Denver - at home - with all that momentum is going to make it awfully tough for Rivers to salvage his season. Outside of Gates he's not going to find much space to throw the ball, and I think he'll have multiple picks again this week.

Offensively, Denver continues to play solid football, but holy hell they have to stop fumbling. (I'm looking at you Willis McGahee.) The slow introduction of Ronnie Hillman may need to accelerate a bit if doesn't. If this offense can just protect the ball, they're entering that New England/New Orleans territory of kind of unstoppable. 

I think Denver manages just enough at home to pull out another win here. Manning's playing too well to lose a home game like this. Denver 28 San Diego 27

Mike: Seems like this is San Diego's last chance to claim relevancy in what has to be a must win game for the Charges.  They have lost four of their last five (and that one win coming against the Chiefs), while Denver has been surging, winning five of their last six.  The 8.5 point spread makes me a little uneasy, as I'm not sure I like the Broncos to win by double digits given the magnitude of the game for San Diego, but picking against Norv Turner is never the wrong decision.  Denver 27 San Diego 21 

John: Like Bret (aka Mr. Bronco) said up above the Chargers know what they're doing against the Broncos. I just don't think the Chargers are a team that's going to rally around their coach Norv Turner during a difficult stretch because to me they've quit a bit on the Norvilous one. 

I like the Broncos at home. The offense is clicking on all cylinders and they're better than they were when they last played the Broncos. I expect QB Peyton Manning to have a big game. I also think their defense is good enough to slow down the Chargers mistake prone offense to the point that they should win rather comfortably. Broncos 33-20 

Indianapolis (6-3) at New England (6-3)         4:25 PM        

Bret: Indianapolis is a nice story, but there's no way their defense is going to be able to slow down the Patriots. There's a chance the Colts could simply outscore them, but it'll require a flawless day from Luck. I don't think he has that in him just yet. Two Andrew Luck INT's secure the game for the Patriots.

I think this follows the script for New England games this year. New England up big in the 1st half, Indianapolis comes back in the 2nd half, and Andrew Luck INT ends the comeback. New England 42 Indianapolis 34

Mike: Okay, yeah, it's weird that these guys have the same record, and the Colts' season has been a nice story, but this shouldn't be a close game.  The Patriots have looked far from invincible this year, but they have looked like one of the best teams in the AFC and their three losses have been by a combined four points.  Indy on the other hand has had some very close wins against what I would call inferior opponents.  I don't think Indy has the defense to keep the Patriots at bay, and that will prevent Indy from taking advantage of any weaknesses Andrew Luck may find in the Pats' secondary.  New England 35 Indianapolis 27

John: The Colts are one of the "feel good" stories of the season so far. They've overachieved in the minds of a lot of people, but sometimes you can't use stats to measure a team that is extremely motivated like the Colts are due to the absence of their head coach Chuck Pagano. Rookie QB Andrew Luck looks like a seasoned vet and while their running game is just average, they have shown they can throw the ball down the field. The good thing for them in this matchup is that the Patriots pass defense is pretty bad since they give up 285.3 yards per game and are 29th in the league. 

The Pats are tough to beat at home. They lost to the Cardinals in that surprising week two game, but otherwise they have looked impressive on their home field. I think it will be difficult for a young Colts defense to stop the Patriots offense that may be the most balanced in the entire NFL. If QB Tom Brady doesn't beat you with his arm then RB Stevan Ridley has shown he can take over games too. I think against the Colts they'll run a lot, control the clock and cruise to a victory late in the game.   

Even though the Colts impress me, I'm going with the Patriots here. I don't expect it to be a blowout, but I do expect the home team to put a lot of points on the board as they usually do. Patriots 31-23 

Baltimore (7-2) at Pittsburgh (6-3)      8:20 PM        

Bret: Who would have thought 7 days ago that Baltimore would come into this game healthier than Pittsburgh? Really a shame that we're going to have a JV version of my favorite rivalry in the league. (And even more of a shame for Pittsburgh fans who will probably have to watch the Steelers lose to the Ravens twice with Roethlisberger.)

The problem for the Steelers is going to be Byron Leftwich. I'd like to say "Oh, the Steelers can plug anyone in there and be fine!", but the Todd Haley playbook is all quick passes, and Leftwich can't do anything quick, let alone pass a football. The Steelers will recognize that early and we'll have a 40 rush game from their offense - and that's not a terrible strategy against the Ravens defense this year - I just think they'll be too prepared for it and the 9 men in the box will prevent it from being successful.

Offensively, the Ravens aren't exactly setting the world on fire themselves. Ray Rice has been very 'meh' for much of the season, and I think the Steelers will be able to keep him shut down for most of the game. The Ravens offense will have to find something through the air to find any success offensively. While I think that may not work out for them, I like their chances of finding a rhythm better than the Steelers, so I'm going with the Ravens in a low scoring game. Baltimore 13 Pittsburgh 10

(Though my real prediction is whichever team wins the turnover battle wins the game. Otherwise it's mostly a coin flip.)

Mike: Byron Leftwich is that guy I always forget is still playing in the NFL until I see him lining up behind center.  The guy made an NFL career out of playing hurt in his last college football game.  That means he's not a guy I'd feel super comfortable with leading my team up against the Baltimore Ravens.  Especially when that spot is normally occupied by Ben Roethlisberger, a guy who does so much for that offense.  He makes you forget how banged up their offensive line is, or how many different running backs have seen playing time.   

It's unfortunate for the Steelers, because they seemed potentially primed to come into this game and walk out with a tie for the division lead, but they way things stand now, I just can't pick a Leftwich-led Pittsburgh team.  Baltimore 23 Pittsburgh 16 

John: I pick Pittsburgh. I know it's a risk with Byron Leftwich at QB, but that's how I roll sometimes. It's their defense that I like a lot. They are shutting down teams against the pass (171 yards per game is 1st overall) and the run (94.6 yards is 5th). They don't really miss Troy Polamalu nor does it matter that James Harrison isn't rushing the passer like he used to. They are the best team at developing defensive players and they are proving it again this season. 

If you look at the Ravens, their performances on the road has been poor. Their two road wins were against bad Chiefs and Browns teams. Remember that 9-6 win over the Chiefs? Probably not. They should have given fans refunds for that game. If you look at QB Joe Flacco's stats he's thrown 10 TDs with three INTs at home while only throwing three TDs with four INTs on the road. Three TDs in four road games? That's brutal. I don't see him having a lot of success against the best pass defense in the NFL. 

I think the key for the Steelers will be to limit turnovers. You have a backup QB in there, so it's important that Leftwich realizes he can't give the Ravens a short field. He's a veteran that's been in the league for ten years, though, so it's not like he's some rookie that is going to be careless with the ball. It wouldn't surprise me if he hit WR Mike Wallace on a deep ball either because that Ravens defense is below average this year. 

The Steelers win thanks to their defense, which is as good as any in the NFL right now. Steelers 20-13 

Chicago (7-2) at San Francisco (6-2-1)  8:30 PM (MON)

Bret: Now here's one where the QB's don't actually matter to me. Both teams are built on defense, and Cutler or Campbell, Smith or Kaepernick, doesn't really matter. No one is going to have much success through the air in this game. 

The 9ers defense has actually struggled against the run from time to time this year, and I think that's the difference in this game. I expect a heavy dose of run/screen from the Bears, and a clear attempt by both teams to simply hang on to the ball and keep from making mistakes that lead to easy points. No bombs to Marshall in this one. No double reverse flea flickers to Crabtree. Just 3 yards and a cloud of dust - get in field goal range sort of game.

I think Chicago has actually shown themselves to be better than San Francisco in those sort of games, and I expect them to win this game on one or two mistakes from the 9ers. Chicago 20 San Francisco 13

Mike: Too bad there's no line on this game, I'd love to take the under.  With Jay Cutler and Alex Smith potentially out, who knows how this game is going to play out.  Will either back up be up to the challenge of facing stout defenses?  Jason Campbell might not be as likely to produce a three turnover game as Cutler, he's also not as likely to produce a three touchdown game.  With Colin Kaepernick, he's not quite as steady in the pocket, but he's more effective outside of it.  

Honestly, I could see it going either way, and I expect the loser to be whichever offense caves first to the pressures of the defense.  And given that Campbell starting is a sure thing, while Smith may still play, I'm going to go with the Niners.  San Francisco 17 Chicago 13

John: We know it's going to be Jason Campbell at QB for the Bears. For the Niners? We think it will be Alex Smith, but we're not totally sure about that. No matter who the QB is I'm going with the Bears. Maybe I'm bitter about the Rams tie with the Niners last week? No. it's not that. I just think Campbell will do fine starting because he's a guy with a lot of experience, a little bit of mobility and as we saw towards the end of last week's game against the Texans he threw the ball in the direction of Brandon Marshall whenever he could. That’s a good recipe for success in my eyes. 

I think for the Niners to be successful they need to establish the run. Can they do that against the Bears 4th ranked run defense? I'm not sure. I just have this feeling the Bears defense is going to come into this game highly motivated after last week's loss to the Texans. Bears 17-16 

The Degenerates Dungeon 

This is where we give you some picks for our best bets of the week. Note that lines moves from the time we write this (Friday AM) to the time the games kickoff. We keep track of the odds and we'll use that to write down our records too. 

Records so far:

Bret 25-23-2 (2-3)

Mike 25-25 (3-2)

John 22-28 (2-3)

Bret (

1. Green Bay -2.5 

2. Tampa Bay PK

3. Philadelphia +3.5

4. New York Jets under 17.5

5. Miami +2.5 (They gotta stop making mistakes early in the game!)

Mike (

New Orleans -4.5 @ Oakland - Just sticking with the hot hand.

Cincinnati -3.5 @ Kansas City - This one I'm more sticking with the cold hand.

New York Jets @ St. Louis Rams -3.5 - I want to see some Tim Tebow in this game!

Jacksonville @ Houston -15 - Yeah, I know, these big bets don't often cover, but I keep taking them.

Tampa Bay -1 @ Carolina - In Doug Martin we trust. 

John (

San Diego @ Denver -8.5 - Broncos headed in right direction. Chargers are not. 

Philadelphia @ Washington OVER 43.5 - Just feels like a game with a lot of points. 

Indianapolis +9.5 @ New England - Don't think Colts will win, but a cover is likely. 

Green Bay @ Detroit OVER 52 - Big number. Still like the over. 

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh +3.5 - A defense like that as home dogs? I like Pit. 

That's all from us for this week. Follow us on Twitter: 

Bret: @BClevenger30

Mike: @Mtmaloney

John: @TJRSports and @johnreport

You can also email John Canton at with any questions or comments.