NFL season is here. Every year we have TJR Pick Em Groups for straight up and point spread. I would use Yahoo, but they have a max of 100 teams per league and I know we will get more than that, so we are going with ESPN. Here's how you sign up. 

Go to Login with your account. If you don't have one, create an account. It won't take more than 30 seconds if you know what you're doing. 

Create an entry for Straight Up settings. Click here for the TJR Straight Up group: 

Click here for the TJR Point Spread group: 

You have to make sure you are logged in so you can join the groups and make sure it's on the right settings (straight up or point spread) and then you can join.

If you're having issues doing the point spread one after you did the straight up one then follow these instructions.

Hopefully everybody was able to figure that out. 

Here's the Eliminator/Survival Challenge group. This is for when you would pick just one team. If you lose you're out. If you win, you go on and you can't pick that team a second time. Sign up is here:

Remember that games start on Thursday from weeks 2-16 and on Wednesday in week one, so remember to make your picks. It's not up to me to remind you. You have to make the picks. 

I'll be back later today (Monday) with my NFL preview. It should be posted by about 7pmET or so. Then on Wednesday the first NFL picks column of the year will be up for game one and then on Friday for the rest of the week. 

Any questions tweet me @TJRSports