Remember when the Jets made the AFC Championship back-to-back years a few seasons ago?  Yeah, me neither.  In one epic fall from grace, Rex Ryan and the New York Jets have gone from a team on the cusp of becoming Super Bowl contenders to the laughing stock of the NFL.  The Kansas City Chiefs watch the Jets and snicker at their poor play.  Mark Sanchez, aka “The Sanchise” has quickly established himself as one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL.  The rejects throwing the football for the Cardinals feel bad for the fans of the Jets.  The hilarious “butt-fumble” against the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving will forever live in infamy and on Monday night, Christmas came early for us NFL fans as the Jets gave us more reasons to laugh.  The 5-9 Tennessee Titans and their 23rd ranked defense defeated the Jets 14-10 in what may be the last game Mark Sanchez starts at QB for the Jets.

Sanchez completed 13 passes to his teammates.  He completed four passes to players on the Titans.  Four interceptions and one cherry on top fumble to end the game later, Sanchez has now seemingly lost his starting job to back-up Greg McElroy.  Maybe next year, Tim Tebow.  The Jets are now reportedly shopping Sanchez and are looking into Michael Vick as well.  That’s going to end well.  Rex Ryan, who was once seen as a loud mouth – yet entertaining – coach who backed up his antics with impressive play by his teams, has now become a complete and utter joke.  He, like Sanchez and Tebow, could be on his way out once this season concludes as well.  Would the Jets have been better if Tebow was starting at any point this season?  Who knows.  All I know is anyone with a brain could have seen that Sanchez was actively doing more to make the Jets lose than win.  Why it took until the last few weeks of December for Rex Ryan and company to see this is beyond me.


• We’re well into the NBA season and teams are attempting to establish themselves as elite.  The defending Western Conference champion Oklahoma City Thunder have won 12 straight games after defeating the Atlanta Hawks 100-92 behind 41 points from MVP candidate Kevin Durant.  The Los Angeles Clippers are right behind the Thunder as they won their 11th game in a row last night after beating the New Orleans Hornets 93-77 as Chris Paul reached the 5,000 assists plateau after dishing out 12 dimes in the win.  Carmelo Anthony returned to action for the New York Knicks and scored 31 points as they thwarted the Brooklyn Nets 100-86.  The three best teams in the NBA with three MVP candidates proved why they are considered the cream of the crop in the NBA world.  It’ll be interesting to see if the Knicks and Clippers can keep it up.  The Thunder need to get over the hump and prove they have what it takes to ultimately win the championship.

• Kendrys Morales, most famous for breaking his leg during a walk-off celebration in 2010, has been traded by the Los Angeles Angels to the Seattle Mariners for SP Jason Vargas.  Not a blockbuster move, by any means, but Morales had become expendable with an already crowded lineup for the Angels that now features Josh Hamilton, Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and Mark Trumbo.  Jason Vargas won 14 games with a 3.85 ERA for the hapless Seattle Mariners last season and could prove to be a very reliable back of the rotation starter for the Angels.  The Mariners have seemingly given up on former top prospect Justin Smoak at 1B and will likely give the job to Morales in 2013.  He’s bounced back since his injury two years ago and could end up being the best hitter in the Mariners’ lineup when it’s all said and done.

• The NHLPA is apparently “willing to resume” labor talks with the league.  Now, that’s what us NHL fans want to hear, right?  They’re “willing to resume.”  Talk about encouraging.  Unfortunately, we’re waiting on the league negotiators to spark the talks up again.  Time is not on the side of the NHL right now as they try to salvage the season and their complacency when it comes to getting this deal done is alarming for fans everywhere.  It seems as though the league simply does not care about getting a deal done.  If the people running the league don’t care about it, then why should the fans?

• In the wake of the tragic events that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, the sports world has paid their respects any way it could.  From countless moments of silence to Chris Johnson writing down every name of the victims on his cleats for Monday’s game – it’s been said that sports can be some of the best ways to escape and relax during times of sorrow.  New York Giants WR Victor Cruz visited Newtown and spent some time with the family of one of the six-year-old victims.  Cruz was Jack Pinto’s favorite player and thanks to social media, he was able to find out and try to shed just a little bit of light on an otherwise very dark time for the Pinto family.  This past Sunday, Cruz wore cleats and gloves with Jack’s name written on them and presented them to Jack’s brother Ben when they met.


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