United vs City – Reflections

1. City wanted it more from the off. 46 seconds in and it was 1-0 to the team in Blue and I was left watching through my hands for the next 20 minutes, it honestly could have been 3-0 mid way through the first half United were that poor. Silva and Toure were destroying Cleverly and Fellaini leaving Carrick and the rest of the defence in complete confusion.


2. The team selection and formation from United was wrong from the start. When I saw Cleverley in the starting line-up I was genuinely saddened. I couldn’t work it out, I was literally asking myself what is he doing starting Cleverley and Fellaini in the middle against Toure, Silva, Navas, Fernandinho and Nasri. When Pellegrini saw that he must have rubbed his hands in total glee. A domination was on the cards before the whistle had been blown, turned out to be true.

3. When he realised after 10 minutes he had made his mistake and readied Valencia to replace Cleverley why did Moyes then bottle it. Cleverley wasn’t the worst player in the 1st half that envious honour went to the forgotten 4th Supreme who was probably the worst player on the pitch last night. £27m not well spent. He should have been sent off as well for a blatant elbow in Zabaleta’s face. How he got away with that one I will never know.

4. City look immense going forward and solid at the back. United’s defence couldn’t get near Silva and in trying to do so freed up Toure and Nasri to get at the back four. The third goal is a perfect example of that, Toure strolled toward the box and hit a lazy looking shot past De Gea without looking at all troubled.

5. That brings me nicely on to Yaya Toure. What a player he is. He doesn’t look like he is doing anything with any real effort, he seems to stroll around just knocking the ball about like he is playing in his back garden with his kids. Yet everything he does makes a difference, it is efficiency personified. City have one of the best central midfielders in world football of that I have no doubt.

6. In a combined United / City team I think only De Gea and Rooney would have a chance of getting into the starting line up. City man for man are better in pretty much every position. Not only that but Pellegrini knows the system he wants to play, he has the best players in their positions and his tactics are bang on the money. If, and it’s a big if, you manage to get past the midfield you still have Zabaleta and Kompany to get past. Demechelis isn’t the best defender nor is he the worst, he has a mistake in him each match he plays but with the rest of the defence around him 95% of the time he can get away with it.

7. City are favourites to win the league in my book. Arsenal are next in line to try and maintain what is an excellent attacking side and with the way things are going at the moment for the Gunners I fear for them at the weekend, could be another hammering for them if they are not careful this weekend. After a good start and mid season they have dropped in form and in morale and look dangerously open in defence in recent weeks. The way Man City are hitting their stride now Arsenal could be in for a tough time.

8. I hate to say this but it’s time for David Moyes to go. It hasn’t worked at all. Every sign of improvement is wiped out pretty sharpish and United are back at square one. He just doesn’t have the tactical nous, the motivational skills, the drive this United team need to get the best out of them, with that team a top class manager would have been able to get more fight out of them. I am not saying another manage could have gotten a victory because I doubt it highly but the players just look pissed off, confused, de-motivated and uninterested. There is nothing to lose in getting rid of him now and getting someone in with real talent to get the best possible finish from the season and a full pre-season to shape the team properly.

9. It is a sad thought that before kick off I was just praying United didn’t get a battering.

10. It is an even sadder thought that with the current system in place United don’t look like they are ever going to challenge again.


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