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Homestead truly the end for Martin

That is the thought that seems to be running through Martins’ head. He has no committed to anything, and said after his finish in the Daytona 500, he was comfortable with the decision for this be his last season he ran. If it is truly the end for Mark, I can’t say enough good things about Mark. He’s an amazing talent and possibly the greatest driver to never win a Winston/Nextel/Sprint Cup championship.

Possible cause found in Canadian GP Death

It has come out that a safety failure is what led to the death of a marshal at the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix. Mark Robinson. It is being said he slipped and fell under the wheels of a mobile crane. The crane was removing the car of Esteban Gutierrez at the time.  

Frye finding IndyCar sponsor

Former NASCAR GM Jay Frye is heading up the search for the new title sponsor of the IndyCar series. IZOD left the series at the end of the 2013 season. Jay is the man who ran Red Bull Racing most recently. He was the only reason that place stayed afloat.

Ganassi’s sport car teams moving to Ford

Chip Ganassi will be moving their extremely successful Sports car operation to Ford to run the new Eco Boost engine. This is the same engine that broke Bill Elliot’s speed record at Daytona earlier this year.

1000th start for Burton and thoughts on future

On Sunday, Jeff Burton will make his 1000th start, becoming only the sixth driver ever to do so. He does have plans in place to drive next season, though nothing to announce. He’s made it clear that he’s ready to scale back to part time.

Jimmie Johnson Foundation announces $470,000 in funds

Jimmie Johnson and his wife Chandra denoted a combined $470,000 to students in their respective hometowns of El Cajon, CA, Muskogee, OK, and where the couple currently resides in Charlotte, NC. Good people that Jimmie and Chandra Johnson.

RCR announces new technical director

Mike Coughlin, originally from Surrey, England is the new technical director of Richard Childress Racing. Coughlin brings a wealth of experience, especially from a successful career in Formula-One….is this Ricky Bobby, the office version?

Addingotn unsure of future

The only for sure driver/crew chief combo at Stewart-Hass Racing seems to be Kevin Harvick with Rodney Childers. Steve Addington, Matt Borland, and Tony Gibson aren’t sure of the future with the orginazation, nor with the current drivers. Though to be fair Addington’s “current” driver isn’t really even his current driver. So there’s that…

New Crew Chief for Jamie Mac possible

Kevin Manion might be heading to Turner Scott Motorsports to work in a major role. This will open up another spot for a crew chief. The rumored person in the running is the current enginer on the 5, Keith Rodden. No one is commenting for sure.

Kyle Petty and Terry Labonte rumored to be running for congress

Kyle Petty and Terry Labonte are rumored to be going to try and make a run in the empty congress seat of 2014. Howard Coble, the current representative for the district announced he will be retiring from congress. Thus the rumors started. Hey, give ‘em a chance, if Jesse Ventura could be governor than how bad can Kyle Petty be as a rep. for congress?...Never mind, don’t answer that.

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