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This might be a short show since there isn't anything to talk about. I mean it's not like LeBron went back to Cleveland. Wait? He did?! Well shit, we got something to talk about now!

No bigger news going on in the world of sports than then infamous words of LeBron in his letter saying he's coming home.  We'll be spending a good chunk of time talking about LeBron going to the Cavs, what it means for Ohio, what it means for the NBA and how the rest of the dominos fell in free agency thanks to him getting his deal out of the way first.

Last week we said we were going to go over a top 5 for collectible statues we wish to own. We will go over our top 5 lists as well as some lists that people sent in as far as what statues they want the most but are just too damn poor to afford.

We'll also talk about WWE Battleground, mead and movies.  What's not to love!

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