Happy soon to be 4th of July weekend everyone as we bring you another new installment of The Last Round. A lot is happening this week, none more important than the USA Belgium game set to kick off in under an hour as I write this.  But there is plenty to talk about this week, especially in the NBA where free agency signings have started.

With the draft taking place last week, we'll kind of go over our thoughts on the draft and how we felt about the lottery picks as well as some winners and losers in the draft.  And with free agency started as of today, a lot is still to happen but right now it's mainly sources said this and sources said that.  We'll talk NBA free agents and try to gather as much info as we can for our show tomorrow night.  And how bout Jason Kidd to the Bucks? We'll talk about the strange coach trade and talk about what happens now for Jason Kidd.

In the ever so important World Cup, United States plays today.  By later tonight we'll know if they keep playing to face Argentina or have to fly back home.  Regardless of the outcome, we'll talk about the USA Belgium game that took place today.

And college news you say? Why yes, yes there is some college news to talk about.  The NCAA has reopened the UNC investigation involving academic fraud.  I mean it wouldn't be fun talking about college sports unless someone was getting in trouble.

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