We have a biting good episode for you this week! Ah, see what I did there, you know, biting and players and the refs not...yeah never mind, moving on.

Thursday just might come down as the biggest day this year, well at least for this time of year.  This Thursday marks two huge events in the NBA Draft and the ever so important United States/Germany game in the World Cup.

First things first, we'll talk about the NBA Draft and give our mock top 14 draft as we try our bestest to assume we know enough about college basketball and the NBA to say this player will go here because.  Will the Cavs take Wiggins or Parker? How far will Embiid fall? We'll try to answer all these questions and more.

And let's not forget about the rest of the NBA. You have to be living under a rock if you haven't heard from everyone and anyone that LeBron opting out of his contract and will enter free agency.  What does this mean to the Heat and the NBA? We'll talk NBA free agency opt outs and the impact it will have around the league.

Damn that tie! And damn you Michael Bradley!  There is no game bigger right now for the USA than the game they play Thursday against Germany.  We'll talk about Team USA and the scenarios that need to take place in order for them to advance and keep playing.

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