Another week, another installment of The Last Round.  This week isn't much different than previous weeks, minus the fact that the World Cup is off and running, The USA won an incredible match and the Spurs beat the Heat for the NBA Title. So I guess this week is a good week to talk about sports then!

We'll kick things off talking about the NBA and wrap up the NBA Finals where the Spurs dominated the Heat in 5 games.  We'll talk where Pops ranks as far as all time great coaches and where Timmy D ranks in not just position but all around for all time.  And everyone is instantly thinking, what do the Heat do from here? Will the Big 3 be no more?  We'll talk about the Heat and what we think is most likely to happen in the off season.

USA! USA! The World Cup is here and wow what a match between USA and Ghana.  We'll go over the World Cup thus far and break down the awesome win by the USA and what they have to do to qualify to the knockout round.

Unfortunately baseball and everyone lost a great man as Tony Gwynn passed away.  We'll talk about the life and career of the late great Tony Gwynn.

And of course we'll talk about Stardust. I mean, duh!

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