Welcome to this week's edition of The Last Round with Mike Durst and Mike Ayers.  We are entering a week with a lot and I mean a lot of stuff going on.  This is the show where we have a little bit of something for everyone.  

Of course all eyes are on Miami and the continuing series between the Heat and the Spurs in the NBA Finals.  Will the Heat dominate at home and leave the Spurs on the brink of elimination?  We'll talk about what we've seen through the first three games of the series and predict what is most likely to happen as a result of Game 3.  Also in the world of NBA talk, the Knicks finally got themselves a new head coach.  Can Derek Fisher pan out in NY?  We'll talk about recent coaching changes in the NBA as well as unfortunately go back to the well and talk a little bit of Donald Sterling.

Keep traveling South for a while and you'll eventually hit Brazil and the home of this year's World Cup.  With the 2014 World Cup starting this Thursday, we'll try our best to predict Group play and if the USA has a shot of making it out.  Also at the same time Mike Ayers will probably fall asleep while we attempt to talk soccer.

And just because we're sports fans first doesn't mean we aren't gamers second.  E3 kicked off Monday and we'll spend some time talking about all the major pressers from Microsoft, Sony, EA, Ubisoft and Nintendo.  What did we like best? Who's going to steal all our money? It's the best time of years for gamers and we're gonna spend some quality time talking about it.

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