At long last we are back with a show. In case you were wondering where we have been as of late (and I know you have been), I've been busy these past couple of weeks moving to Florida.  But alas, I am finally settled in and we can get on with our lives of entertaining our ever so loyal fans with us rambling on about sports. So let's get to it!

A lot has happened since we last had a show but nothing is more important right now than the NBA Finals (or NHL Stanley Cup depending who you ask).  We'll give our darndest to predict the Spurs Heat series and what we think is most likely to happen.  And what's to make of the Pacers and Thunder now that they are out of the picture?  We'll go under the microscope with these two teams and figure out where they go from here.  Derek Fisher to the Knicks? It's a possibility that we're willing to discuss.

On the MLB front, the season is 2 months in and with that comes the most wonderfully bias time of year. The All Star game voting!  Ah yes, nothing quite like seeing players who have been injured all year leading the ballets because people can't figure out who is actually good that doesn't play for the Yankees. We'll talk MLB All Star voting and whether the whole voting process is fair or not.

So come join us live this Wednesday at our newest of the new start times at 10pm est/7pm pst. You can check our our show live via or check out the archive the day after the show.  Also subscribe to us on ITunes under the Radio Influence banner and like us on Facebook at We even put up a new super cool cover!