Welcome to our special edition episode of The Last Round, the mock draft edition.  The beginning of our show will be the 2nd half of our live 1st round mock draft with Macho Men Radio. You can listen to the first half of the mock draft on their show live at 7:30pm ct with Cory, Charlie, Mike and myself. Once our show starts we will have Cory and Charlie on our show and finish our mock draft.

After the mock draft ends and time permitting, we will talk about the now huge breaking news of Adam Silver laying down the law on Donald Sterling of the Clippers and banning him for life.  We'll talk anything and everything Donald Sterling and Adam Silver related. Along with what's going on with Adam Silver and Donald Sterling, we'll talk NBA playoffs.

So make sure you guys check out our live 1st round mock draft with Macho Men Radio, both on our show at 9:30pm ct for the 2nd half and their show Macho Men Radio at 7:30pm ct. You can listen to our show LIVE or on archive at http://www.radioinfluence.com or subscribe to us on ITunes and the Stitcher app.  

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