Surprise! We have a new show name!  We decided to change things up and make the switch from Sports Talk on TJR to The Last Round.  It's what's best for business.

Speaking of business, let's get down to it.

The Final Four is this weekend and like many of you, our brackets are completely shot.  If you actually had UConn beating MSU and Kentucky beating Michigan, I want to punch you.  Not many people saw this coming but this sure makes for one interesting Final Four.  I mean could you imagine if it comes down to Florida vs Kentucky? We'll be breaking down all there is to break down in college basketball.

And let's not forget that this Sunday is probably the most important Sunday of the year for the IWC.  WrestleMania 30 is right around the bend and with it, all our hopes and dreams that Daniel Bryan will become WWE World Heavyweight Champ.  We'll be giving our predictions for the WM30 card, as well as predicting what will most likely happen. (It's not that hard to figure out their writers)  We'll hit up other aspects of WM30 like buy rates, WWE Network and the Mass Media surrounding the event.

And last but not least we'll talk opening week in MLB and converse about the use of MLB challenges, our respected teams, and chump change contracts for certain high profile players.

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