We are 22 days from the 2014 NFL Draft. We’ve been used to the draft occurring in April but we will be waiting until the first full week of May. Hopefully the rumors are true and the NFL Schedule will be released next week so we can start breaking down matchups 5 months before they happen!

I released my first mock draft just after the NFL Combine. Here you will see some different picks, a trade and my brief thoughts on the selection/team.

1. Houston Texans- (QB, OL, DB)

Jadaveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

Clowney is the pick again for the Texans. I think that they will address the quarterback position with their 2nd round pick.

Previously Selected: Jadaveon Clowney

**TRADE** 2. Atlanta Falcons- (Needs: DE, TE, OL)

Khalil Mack, OLB Buffalo

I had the Falcons waiting until 6 to take Mack in my previous mock, but Jacksonville could grab him at 3 if they decide to wait a round or two for a quarterback. St. Louis would be eager to swap.

Previously Selected: Greg Robinson (St. Louis Rams)

3. Jacksonville Jaguars- (Needs: DE, QB, OL)

Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

The Jaguars do need a franchise quarterback and at this point the top quarterbacks will still be on the board. Clowney and Mack would have been their first two defensive choices but with them already acquiring Ziggy Hood, Red Bryant and Chris Clemons they will take Watkins because Justin Blackmon is such a red flag.

Previously Selected: Blake Bortles

4. Cleveland Browns- (Needs: QB, RB, OL)

Blake Bortles, QB, UCF

Cleveland needs a quarterback here. Bridgewater was the best available quarterback in my previous draft, I would imagine with Bortles being here they will jump at him.

Previously Selected: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

5. Oakland Raiders- (Needs: QB, WR, OL)

Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

Oakland might change their mind with drafting a quarterback here as they agreed to terms with Matt Schaub. Maybe Bridgewater is the guy who doesn’t have to have the pressure of starting from day one and once Schaub falters, (as we know he will) Bridgewater will step in and take the job from him.

Previously Selected: Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State

**TRADE** 6. St. Louis Rams- (Needs: OL, WR, DB)

Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

Improving a shaky defensive line is what the Rams need to do. Swapping out of the #2 pick and still getting the top offensive lineman in the draft is a great move. They also may have acquired another pick by doing this.

Previously Selected: Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo (Atlanta Falcons)

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- (Needs: DE, TE, OL)

Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

After sending Mike Williams to Buffalo they will need to add another receiver to their corps. Evans is one of the top receivers in the draft and will make an immediate impact.

Previously Selected: Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

8. Minnesota Vikings- (Needs: QB, DE, OL)

Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

I think they stick with Johnny Football. Coach Mike Zimmer might be throwing up smoke screens but the fan base will be incredibly upset if they don’t jump at one of the top 3 quarterbacks in the draft. Manziel is one of them.

Previously Selected: Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

9. Buffalo Bills- (Needs: LB, TE, OL)

Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

The run on Texas A&M guys continue. Matthews slips a little further than expected after the Bucs decided to go with a WR. The Bills should be ecstatic that they’ve got a top lineman who can anchor their offensive line.

Previously Selected: Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina

10. Detroit Lions- (Needs: CB, S, LB)

Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State

In a division with some big name wide receivers, Detroit goes with a guy who can help defend those guys after their defense was so terrible down the stretch.

Previously Selected: Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA

Picks 11 through 32

11. Tennessee Titans- (Needs: DB, DE, QB)  

Pick: Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA

Previously Selected: Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State

12. New York Giants- (Needs: LB, CB, OL) 

Pick: Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

Previously Selected: Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

13. St. Louis Rams- (Needs: OL, WR, DB) 

Pick: Odell Beckhan, Jr, WR, LSU

Previously Selected: Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

14. Chicago Bears- (Needs: OL, DL, DB)

Pick: Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

Previously Selected: Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri

15. Pittsburgh Steelers- (Needs: OL, S, DB) 

Pick: Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix, FS, Alabama

Previously Selected: Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame

16. Dallas Cowboys- (Needs: DE, CB, S)  

Pick: Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State

Previously Selected: Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix, FS, Alabama

17. Baltimore Ravens- (Needs: OL, C, WR) 

Pick: Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame

Previously Selected: Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

18. New York Jets- (Needs: WR, OL, CB) 

Pick: Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina

Previously Selected: Marquise Lee, WR, USC

19. Miami Dolphins- (Needs: OT, OG, RB) 

Pick: Xavier Su’a-Filo, OG, UCLA

Previously Selected: Xavier Su’a-Filo, OG, UCLA

20. Arizona Cardinals- (Needs: OT, CB, OLB) 

Pick: C.J. Mosley, ILB, Alabama

Previously Selected: C.J. Mosley, ILB, Alabama

21. Green Bay Packers- (Needs: S, LB, DL, OL) 

Pick: Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville 

Previously Selected: Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame

22. Philadelphia Eagles- (Needs: DB, OLB) 

Pick: Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

Previously Selected: Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State

23. Kansas City Chiefs- (Needs: WR, LB, DL) 

Pick: Marquise Lee, WR, USC

Previously Selected: RaShede Hageman, DT, Minnesota

24. Cincinnati Bengals- (Needs: CB, S, LB) 

Pick: Dee Ford, DE, Auburn

Previously Selected: Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville

25. San Diego Chargers- (Needs: OL, LB, DB) 

Pick: Ryan Schazier, OLB, Ohio State

Previously Selected: Ryan Shaizer, OLB, Ohio State

26. Cleveland Browns- (from Indy) 

Pick: Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame

Previously Selected: Tre Mason, RB, Auburn

27. New Orleans Saints- (Needs: OL, LB, CB) 

Pick: Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

Previously Selected: Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

28. Carolina Panthers- (Needs: CB, OL, WR) 

Pick: Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State

Previously Selected: Odell Beckham Jr., WR, LSU

29. New England Patriots- (Needs: OL, DL, CB) 

Pick: Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri

Previously Selected: Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

30. San Francisco 49ers- (Needs: DL, DB, WR) 

Pick: Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida State

Previously Selected: Dee Ford, DE, Auburn

31. Denver Broncos- (Needs: OL, DB, DL) 

Pick: RaShede Hageman, DE, Minnesota

Previously Selected: Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida State

32. Seattle Seahawks- (Needs: OL, TE, WR) 

Pick: Cyrus Kouandijo, OT, Alabama

Previously Selected: Jake Amaro, TE, Texas Tech

There we go! Mock Draft 2.0 is in the books. Some guys moved up, some moved down, some moved off my draft completely. I forsee one trade, and that is the Falcons moving up and the Rams moving down. There could potentially be more trades in the first round, but I really think Atlanta trades up hoping for Clowney, but instead winds up with Mack.

If you love my picks or hate my picks let me know on Twitter @TheAce18 or comment below. Also be sure to check out my radio show Macho Men Radio on Blogtalkradio every Tuesday night at 7pm/CT to get our thoughts on the NFL and Sports world!

-The Ace