The moment that the world has been waiting for is finally upon us, the World Cup begins today. With a mere hour and a half from the opening kickoff of the Brazil v. Croatia fixture, the excitement is palpable. Fans are getting restless, national pride swells, and the feeling that this next month will be the most exciting time to be a football fan is prevalent.

Are you hooked yet? Are you intrigued? You should be.

Buckle up Nancy, this is going to be a wild ride.

Today, I'm going to throw my hat into the ring of predictions with a prediction of my own. Every 4 years, it gets more and more difficult to select a clear cut winner, due to players getting better and better, and consequentially, the competition getting better and better. This go round is no different.

With the emergence of Barcelona's Lionel Messi as the Best In The World (With apologies to CM Punk), and Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo nipping ever so slightly at his heels, Argentina and Spain respectively have to be considered threats to win it all. However, you'd be a fool to think that they should be the only contenders. Germany will pose a significant challenge, as it always does. Brazil as well, have to be considered, not just because they're the host, and they'll have that extra momentum.

It's going to be a hard-fought, and massively exciting race to the finish, but ultimately, I have to take Argentina as the team to wind up at the finish line and lift the coveted FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Until next time.

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