The 2012 Summer Olympics have begun in London, England and here are some early thoughts on what I've seen so far.

1.)    The opening ceremonies were about two hours too long.

2.)    That was some fireworks display, however.

3.)    Man, can Mr. Jacques Rogge bore an entire planet in more than one language!

4.)    Someone should have told the Queen of England to show just a little bit more interest.

5.)    What exactly was the point of Muhammad Ali’s presence?

6.)    Someone really needs to explain to me why Golf isn’t an official Olympic sport and horse jumping is???? Come on! A simple two round, total score would be incredibly entertaining. It would be way too interesting to see how qualifications would unfold within the traditional superpowers of the Golf world. I think it would be a huge draw for Olympic spectators.

7.)    Is it just me, or did the world of sports stop during the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010? Why can’t the MLB and the PGA do the same?

8.)    I find myself mesmerized by the strength and athleticism by all the gymnasts, both men and women. The talent to spin, flip, contort and the like so tightly and so precisely is truly amazing.

9.)     I find it sad that Paraskevi Papachristou tweeted what she did. I’m sure it was meant as a small joke but she should have known better. 

10.)   International competition brings out the best in sport. I get goose bumps seeing the passion from the athletes competing and the spectators in the crowd.

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