While this is Episode 4 of Sports Talk on TJR, this is in fact our 51st episode overall. So we surpassed the infamous 50 episode mark with last week's show being #50 overall. Hooray! With that being said...onto the show!

The first half of our show will be dedicated to college football since, well, college football started. We'll break down the FCS bitch slapping the FBS, review week 1 and preview week 2. And of course our show wouldn't be complete without talking about Johnny Manziel.

The 2nd half of our show, we will be joined LIVE by none other than the resident NFL and MMA guru, Allen Strk.  We'll go over UFC 164 with Allen and preview week 1 of the NFL which starts this Thursday!

As always you can listen live to our show via this link or check out the archive once it's posted Thursday via this link.