Shh can you hear that? That's the sounds of millions upon millions of brackets being ripped up and burned as March Madness continues its steam rolling adventures in pissing everyone off who thought they had a chance at winning a billion dollars. So how's our brackets you ask? Well we'll tell you all about our brackets in this weeks show as we continue talking college basketball and the NCAA Tourney.  We'll go over all the upsets and recap the first 2 weeks while talking about the Sweet 16, Elite 8 and anything else. 

While we COULD talk about NCAA the entire time, we won't do that. Why you say? Because MLB is right around the corner and that gives us the opportune time to start previewing MLB and who we like out of the AL and NL.

And you know there's lots to talk about in the NFL dagnabit! I mean it's not like Mark Sanchez got released after being picked 5th overall or anything. Wait, he did? BAHAHAHA. Anyway we'll talk NFL as well.

So there ya go, listen to our show and prepare for a special service announcement regarding next weeks' HUGE show with HUGE changes.  

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