Welcome to March Madness boys and girls! This is where the real fun begins as Selection Sunday has come and gone and everyone is busy filling out their perfect bracket to win 1 Billion from Mr. Buffet. Note to you guys: I'm going to win but you can still try if it makes you feel better. But this is a big show for us this week because of March Madness and with it we have a special guest, Allen Strk.

Allen will be joining us around 10:45pm est to talk about brackets, potential upsets and pretty much anything we can think of to talk when it comes to college basketball this time of year.  We'll also get his thoughts on free agency from the NFL as well as talk a little MMA.

This is the first time we have started the show at an earlier time and from here on out we intend to stay with an earlier start time.  For us there really wasn't any reason to go on later than we need to so it's all but guaranteed that we will have shows starting at 10:30pm est from here on out.

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Happy March Madness everyone!