We go into this week's show knowing two important tidbits of info. 1. Mike Ayers is probably still drunk/hung over as today is his Birthday. 2. The NFL Free Agency is upon us!

The Free Agency party started yesterday as multiple teams were shelling out cash moneys by the bucket in order to upgrade key positions.  We'll be talking NFL Free Agency to start the show and talk about what we saw and what we liked or didn't like.

This is the 2nd most important week in college basketball and that of course is Championship Week.  We'll be going over all the important games this week has to offer and talk about the winners and games still to be played and who should come out on top.  And how far will Kansas drop with the news of Joel Embiid being out til the 2nd week of the tournament?  Lots to talk about in hoops this week as this upcoming Sunday is Selection Sunday.  Get your brackets ready folks!

Over on the baseball side of things, we're in the last leg of Spring Training before the real deal.  We'll talk some spring ball and more specifically, Barry Bonds being back with the Giants.

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