Hello out there and welcome to Sports Talk on TJR! As I type this I'm still waiting for WrestleMania 18 to load on my computer or hell, even work all together on my PS3. With the launch of the WWE Network yesterday, there seems to be lots of bog down due to some herps and derps not realizing how many people would jump on this day one.  We'll talk about the launch of the WWE Network and give our opinions/review of what we've seen day one.

Outside the realm of long load times, we'll talk the new MLB decision on home plate bans...well most of them, I think.  Anything going on in the NFL? Hmm not really. Oh wait, it's freaking combine season!  We got the NFL combine covered and talk about what we've seen so far and what we liked/disliked from our favorite college athletes.  And anyone else think it was a tad bit odd that this supposed Browns 49ers Jim Harbaugh trade came up out of no where? I'll give my Browns fan take on the whole mess.

And if there's anything else to talk about we'll talk about it. Hell, we may even preview the new South Park: Stick of Truth game. Why? Because we can!

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