The next couple of weeks will be very busy for this show and for us and because of that we are basically going to be doing a two part show. This week is part one and next week is part two, as we will have no show on the week of Christmas or the week after. So, on with the show!

This week on Sports Talk on TJR, we are hitting up college football and the NFL hard and heavy as we are inching that much closer to the playoffs in the NFL and Bowl Season in college football.  All of the bowl games have been officially announced and we are going to be doing a pick-em for each bowl game through the 31st.  We'll also be talking Heisman ballets and who we have as our top 3.

In the NFL we'll be touching basis on all the huge injuries that took place over the weekend and which teams are affected the most.  And don't forget about the almighty Top 3/Turrible 3 list as well as our previews for a huge Week 15.

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