Happy Thanksgiving everyone and welcome to this episode of Sports Talk on TJR with Mike Durst and Mike Ayers.  We'll be coming at you live this Wednesday night at 11pm est/ 8pm pst for a little pre-Thanksgiving sports radio.

Lots to talk about on the show this week and of course the big one of them all right now is college football and how things are starting to finally take complete form in the BCS standings.  Dr. Mike Ayers will describe in great detail on how a non-qualifying team makes it into a BCS bowl game as well as the BCS format.  So lot's of college football on this week's show for sure.

In the NFL there's still plenty of action especially this week in the AFC with another huge matchup between the Broncos and Chiefs part 2 and the NFC with the Saints and Seahawks.  We'll also talk key injuries of the week and deliver our top 3/turrible 3.

And NBA talk wouldn't be complete without some kind of injury to talk about involving a certain player who can't seem to catch a break.  We'll talk D Rose as well as Kobe's new and improved contract deal.

In the world of college basketball, not a whole lot is going on but there were some upsets to talk about so we'll be sure to hit on the key games and what took place this past week.

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