So much to talk about, so little time.  This is a huge story week for us here on Sports Talk on TJR, and it all starts with probably the biggest story of the past week in the Miami Dolphins bullying situation.  And what impact will Aaron Rodgers being out have on the Packers? We'll go over injuries and our weekly top3/turrible3.

And finally the time has come, we've reached the full circle of sports for the year and that means only one thing. College basketball is back on the menu!  We'll be going over the AP Preseason Top 25 and then break down and predict all the big conferences as well as share some love to the Mid Majors and who we like out of that select group.

And if there was ever a time for a team to solidify its spot in the BCS, this weekend is it.  This Thursday night we have two huge games that play a pivotal role in college football and we'll be breaking those games down as well as another huge SEC game on Saturday.

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