Tonight's show will be canceled for the time being with hopes of it going live tomorrow night 11/17 with the archive going up Friday. Mr. Ayers is having some major internet issues at the moment as we hope to get it all resolved tomorrow.

As long as we don't have a power outage to start the show, we should be well rested and ready to go Wednesday night.

Speaking of power outages (yes I set that up deliberately), we'll be talking some baseball with the Tigers and Red Sox going toe to toe currently in game 3, with game 4 tomorrow starting before our show starts. We'll talk all there is to talk about the ALCS as well as the NLCS with the Dodgers winning a huge game 3 against Wainwright to force at least a 5th game.

In the wide world of football, injures happened. And by injuries happened I literally mean everyone got injured in week 6. We'll talk key injuries which will then help set up our weekly segment of Top 3/Turrible 3.

In NCAA F news, there are also injuries. Who's lost for the season? Which team is going to miss their players the most?  Also the AP Top 25 just got shaken up just a bit with everyone jumping all over the place. We'll talk some NCAA F and talk about the game of the month.

So tune in Wednesday night at 11pm est/ 8pm pst and listen to us via or check out the archive via ITunes.

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