Bad news if you are a Thunder fan, their All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook is out indefinitely due to surgery for a torn meniscus on his right knee.  The franchise guard will be out indefinitely according to, which says it is not yet known when Westbrook will go under the knife.

The three-time All-Star was hurt in game 2 of the Thunder's playoff series against Houston on Wednesday night. Rookie Patrick Beverley lunged into him trying for a steal in the second quarter and his hip collided with Westbrook's knee.

For all you pessimists and optimists out there, this is one of the few injuries where one could go either way on.  Obviously no team wants to lose such a valuable and vital player like Westbrook is to the Thunder, but for so long we have heard about how he can disrupt a game for OKC just as much as he can facilitate.  One of the biggest knocks against Westbrook is his tendency to ball hog.

Now that he is out with this disappointing injury and it is unsure if he will be able to return should the Thunder go deep into the playoffs, it is time to see if his naysayers were right.  Will Kevin Durant step up and dominate like so many believe he is capable of?

With Westbrook out, look for Derek Fisher - who is no stranger to high-pressure playoff situations - to try and fill the void.  Second-year point guard Reggie Jackson could see a spike in minutes as well.


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