Dwight Howard and the combination of Jason Richardson, Glen "Big Baby" Davis and/or possibly Hedo Turkoglu haven't quite arrived in Houston or L.A. or Duluth wherever the hell, just yet. Magic GM, Rob
Hennigan Barnum and Bailey is just as responsible for this fiasco as Howard. But who the hell wants to read or see another story about this mess? This is a hypothetical situation on what the Houston Rockets will look like if they are able to swing this deal in their favor, whether they end up with D-12 or L.A. Lakers All-Star big, Andrew Bynum. The scenarios change minute by minute, just ask the second paragraph. The addition of Jeremy Lin has set the NBA prognosticators abuzz with what it will to do both franchises involved, on and off the court. Parodies of (Un)popular songs, new Lin-sational words having to relate to Texas, Tebowesque press conferences with CNN and lots of questions on both sides of the collective coin that is the NBA blogosphere and fan universe.

A crease has been added to this situation since this article began. A source close to Howard stated that Howard would re-up with L.A. if he was traded there. Old news, another source says Dallas is his backup plan and there is a breakdown on SI.com of how they could swing his 21.7 Million.

Back to L.A…they have better escorts than the Five Boroughs (models, dancers, groupies, whatever) allegedly. They have better baseball than four of the five boroughs, they have less football, no Tebow to compete with on the sports section, more movie studios, lower buildings, hipster clothing stores in Silverlake which those NBA players love so much. L.A. may have a leg up on Brooklyn is all I’m saying.

Either way, a source close to Bynum said he would certainly re-up, long term in Houston, if traded here. His agent says there is no such list of teams that he would resignwith.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are back in the mix, looking for Andrew Bynum, allowing the Magic cap space while also, being able to send them numerous picks in return.

The Rockets package is similar, a little glitzier considering the Lottery Protection Pick, which is historic, because it allows it to be saved for when Toronto is awful…good luck with that, right?

Now, another wrinkle has been added, Dwight Howard has been believed to have said he WILL test free agency after this season. Yawn.

So, the Rockets acquired the man, the myth, the 35-game legend, the Sultan of Swipe, The Great
BamChino, The Road Game Hero, Jeremy Lin. Solid point guard will he be? We have yet to find out. The Knicks are really dumb for letting him go, but what else is new from James Dolan. He tried to bring back Isaiah Thomas again as a consultant after he wrecked the payroll for years.

I digress. Rockets GM Daryl Morey has always kinda been a hero to me for how he has gone after what he has gone after. If you’re in business, the only thing that matters is results. He basically has had none since being hamstrung from the Yao/Tracy area. Progress is how you perceive it. He has tried and tried and tried again, but to no avail, we have an unproven PG who as more hype than a
Flavor Flav sentence. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Lin and I think he’s is great for this team. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what I think. It matters what happens on the floor starting in late October. It mainly matters what happens in June. So what if the hardest working executive in Houston sports and possibly NBA history get the deal that they have been hoping for and land D-12 or Bynum? The Rockets starting lineup could change depending on how the trade shakes. Let’s just say, it looks like this…

Rockets get; C
Dwight Howard, PF Glen Davis, SG Jason Richardson 

Magic get; G
Kevin Martin, PF Patrick Patterson, PF JaJuan Johnson, SF/PF Marcus Morris, Rights to some foreign slappy, 2013 Lottery Pick (Raptors), 2013-2018 Lottery Protected Pick (From Mavericks via LAL), Rockets 2013-2014 First Rd. Picks, a mix of slappy players and picks that the Rockets have more of.  

The Rockets have several picks that have no beginning or end. Either way, the starting lineup could look like this:

PG – Jeremy Lin

SG – Jeremy Lamb (#1 Ranked Summer League Player and 12th Overall Draft Pick)

SF – Chandler Parsons

PF – Dontas Motiejunas (Dirk Jr. and #7 Ranked Summer League Player and Reigning Euroleague Champ/20-10 guy)

C – Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum

The rest of the rotation is young and deep.

Bench: C - Omer Asik, PF – Terrence Jones (#3 Rated Summer League Player), PF - Royce White, Toney Douglas/Shaun Livingston, PF – Glen Davis, SG – Jason Richarson, SF – Gary Forbes, PG – Shawn Machado, SG – Zoran Gragic (Good genes)

Who the hell knows how it will shake out? Because of the strides that were made last week by the rookies in Summer League, it makes me think their learning curve won’t be as critical. Lamb, Motiejunas, Jones and White are the four key impact players on this team. They have zero NBA
experience, but at least hope is on our side. Hope that we get a dominant big man, hope that we got a worthy of accolades draft class, hope that we don’t draft 14th again and miss the playoffs. And Omer Asik is a good backup, not a good backup plan. We’re all undefeated today…I love the