The NFL offseason has hit the ground running today with a plethora of moves whirling through the wire.  Possibly lost in all the hubbub of Percy Harvin to Seattle - a story already covered earlier today by John Canton here - is the news that WR Anquan Boldin has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers.

Multiple sources reported to ESPN that the deal was finalized earlier.

The Ravens will receive a sixth-round draft choice in return, sources said.

Boldin, who is in Africa on a mission, needs to pass a physical before the trade with San Francisco becomes complete.

The trade agreement was earlier reported by the Baltimore Sun.

My two cents - This is a prototypical "low risk, high reward" type of deal.  San Francisco only gave up a sixth-round pick for a guy that helped play a vital part on a team that bested them in the Super Bowl just a few months ago.  Boldin did state that he would consider retirement if the Ravens cut him, but since backed off the harsh comments.  It seemed as though the relationship between the Ravens and Boldin had become a bit severed since the Super Bowl and a fresh start was needed. The move creates an issue in cap space for the 49ers now as they were about $3.5 million under before the addition and Boldin is due $6 million.  Definitely a precursor to future moves for San Francisco.

This is not a move that seems to be popular in the Ravens' locker-room, however.  Torrey Smith, Boldin's now former teammate took to Twitter earlier as he voiced his displeasure with the trade.  "This business is BS at times," Smith admitted.  At 32-years old, Boldin is no longer a young buck, but he's coming off yet another productive season where he finished just 79 yards short of 1,000 receiving yards on the season.  While he's no Percy Harvin, this move does nothing but improve San Francisco and their hopes of returning to the Super Bowl next year.


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