Andre Villas-Boas is not happy. Not happy at all. And who can blame him. 


Real Madrid have publicly and unashamedly made it very well known they want Gareth Bale at the club next season which is all fine and well, just not the way they have gone about it in my opinion. 


Players and staff have gone to the media to publicly tap him up in force with the likes of Zidane, Ramos, Casillas and Ancelloti making public statements of how it's unfair of Spurs not to allow him to fulfil his dream move as if Real are the best football club ever in the entire history of football clubs. 


If I were a fan of Tottenham, a player, the manager even the tea boy I would be furious. This is nothing new with Madrid. They have history of publicly flirting with any player they want at the club and with absolutely no remorse make it plain and clear they are going to get the man they want by any means necessary.  Just last season they brought in Luka Modric from the very same club after a two year pursuit yet have the bare faced cheek to do it to Spurs again.


The same story can be told when Cristiano Ronaldo had his head turned in 2008 where Manchester United had to reluctantly let him go for a world record £80m fee. 


But why? Why do Real Madrid have this amazing ability to make players want to join them when they have been seemingly happy where they are? To me the glory days are way behind them. I read an interesting piece a couple of weeks ago highlighting Real's surprisingly low standards of success. 


You hear Real Madrid you automatically think successful, it's a reflex thought your mind conjures up but looking at the facts the true statistics make for surprisingly poor reading. 


The have only won la Liga once in 5 years. The last time they were in the Champions League final was 2000/2001 a staggering 12 years ago. In terms of modern success they are a long way behind many of their major European rivals. Manchester United themselves, the team Ronaldo left,  have been in three Champions League finals and won one of those in the last five years. The team that beat them on both occasions were Barcelona who over that five year period won the competition twice and have generally been regarded as the best club football team ever. 


There is a history that seems to supersede the current reputation of the club but the history books show that Real's success in Europe's premier competition reveal that six of the nine Champions League trophies  won were done so before 1967. They have only had three successful campaigns since then which is the same as Manchester United, less than Liverpool, Barcelona, Ajax and AC Milan. 


I am not saying they aren't a great club with an amazing history and have boasted some of the greatest football teams the world has ever seen, that is not what this article is about. It is this idea, this notion that they are the all conquering, all singing and dancing team of the world who as soon as they flutter their eyes at someone then feel they have the right that their target should then be lured in without taking no for an answer from their current employers. 


They are turning these players heads with scandalous ease and contempt for the clubs they currently play for and show no remorse in doing so. In the media it comes across as they don't care who they upset they want what they want and they do not give a damn who they stand on to get it. 


Spurs are a team on the up who are building a solid foundation to realistically start pushing for the title within the next two or three seasons. Maybe the sale of Gareth Bale is a good thing, after all with the ridiculous transfer fee of £105m being reported they could really build an amazing squad with plenty to spare and continue with the proposed development of a new stadium. It is just crazy money. 


I don't know what will happen with this whole situation but it is looking increasingly more likely that Bale will be plying his trade at the Santiago Bernabéu this season thanks in massive regards to a very public, very predictable and very unethical public courting.


They aren't the only club to do it no, it just seems they are the ones who do it with the most frequency and with the most success frustratingly and I for one just don't understand why heads are turned so easily anymore. 


Unfortunately it seems to be the way transfers are handled these days. Suarez to Arsenal, Fabregas to United and Rooney to Chelsea have dominated the news over the last month. Gone are the days these deals were done behind closed doors and all in the game of unsettling the proposed targets. This is even catered for in the football video gaming industry, to make public interest in a player you are trying to sign, It is just seemingly the way the transfers in the football world work. 


It is certainly not the first time Madrid have gone about their business in this manner and I think I am safe in saying it won't be the last time either and more and more clubs will follow suit. 


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