After a week of mountain’s worth of work, I am back to bring you my thoughts from the latest happenings from around the world of boxing.  Let’s begin with….


Miguel Cotto is Not Quite Done Yet

He was labeled finished after his losses against Floyd Mayweather and Austin Trout but Puerto Rican star Miguel Cotto showed on Saturday that there is still plenty left in his tank.  In front of a sold-out crowd in Orlando, Cotto pounded Delvin Rodriguez to a 3rd round TKO.  So what exactly is next for Cotto?  He is in the best possible spot a boxer can be in as he is a promotional free agent as well as being a network free agent.  Cotto can just about choose anybody to fight.

Most pundits point to Sergio Martinez as being his next opponent and a date and place has already been discussed.  The two are rumored to be talking about a June 7th bout at the Metlife Stadium in New York.  That would be a very special event as both fighters bring a legion of fans and Cotto would try to be claim a middleweight title, the first in his career.  Sign me up for that because it will be awesome. 


HBO Regret Re-entering the Klitschko Game

HBO have shown reluctance to showcase either of the Klitschko brothers due to the perceived notion that neither fighter brings an excitement level to any of their fights and are usually one-sided beat downs but HBO took a gamble this time.  They decided to air the recent Klitschko v Povetkin bout, a fight that was three years in the making.  Unfortunately, Wladimir clinch and bored his way to a unanimous decision that left a sour test in everybody’s mouth. 

Now this is just my personal prediction but don’t count on HBO broadcasting another Klitschko for a long time if ever.  The brothers may score enormous ratings at home but here in the states, fans just don’t care. 


Bradley v Marquez 24/7 Has Been Fantastic

It’s a fight that has circled on my calendar for some time and a fight that is the ultimate pick’em fight.  If you ask 100 people in the boxing business, I bet you 50 will choose Bradley and 50 will choose Marquez.  Adding intrigue to the bout has been the recent two-part 24/7 which was one of it’s best in a long time.  Fans are becoming tired of repeatedly seeing Pacquiao and Mayweather on these preview shows so it’s always refreshing to see new faces and Marquez and Bradley are two interesting individuals.  The show has also highlighted the genuine dislike between the two as Bradley has accused Marquez of cheating in previous fights.


And Let Me Finish With…….

Unfortunately, I do not have the credentials to vote for fighters on the upcoming Hall of Fame class of 2013 but here’s to hoping that Oscar De La Hoya and Felix Trinidad enter the hall together.  These two have been linked to each their whole careers starting with their mega fight back in 2000 but now deserve to have their day under the sun.  Congratulations boys, you’ve earned it.