Next great American heavyweight?

-Deontay Wilder is officially becoming one of the more intriguing fighters in the game today.  We haven’t seen an American with punching power like him since the great Mike Tyson (that’s reason enough to get excited).  Wilder is still extremely raw (with a questionable defense and chin) and hasn’t face a top 20 fighter yet but every boxing fan knows, there are two things you can’t teach; power and a chin and boy, does Wilder have power.  Only time will tell if this is the great savior for American heavyweight boxing.


The Fall of Pacquiao?

-Manny Pacquiao has been boxing’s main star for years now but is the shine beginning to wear off after back-to-back losses? Interest in his next fight versus relatively unknown Brandon Rios is drawing lukewarm interest by both casual fans and the press. It must be noted that the fight is taking place in China meaning there has been less press following the two fighters but still, it seems as though Pacquiao needs a dominant victory to regain some of that fame.


Mosley’s Comeback Continues

-Sugar Shane Mosley, who announced his retirement following his dominating loss to Canelo Alvarez a year and a half ago, seems like he is ready to continue his comeback.  Following a victory earlier in May against fringe contender Pablo Cesar Cano, Mosley’s next fight will take him to the Australia as he is close to finalizing a deal to fight middleweight Anthony Mundine.  The loudmouth Mundine has, for years, called out numerous top fighters to make the trek to Australia to fight him but seems to have finally landed a significant fight.  Here’s to hoping that Mosley can shut him up once and for all.


Andre Ward Causes a Stir

Pound-for-pound super middleweight Andre Ward caused quite a stir in the boxing twitter world when he implied that writers and fans have no right to critique a man who “gets punched in the face for a living” on how much money he should earn for a fight.  Maybe there is truth in that but hey, critiquing boxers is what some people do for a living and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Maybe Ward is just bitter because of his low TV ratings and low attendances for his recent fights.


And let me finish with……

Unfortunately, oftentimes, the platform a writer works through can distort the actual credibility of said writer.  Fans on twitter are well aware of my dislike towards “boxing scribe” Dan Rafael mainly because the only reason he is read by so many is because he is on ESPN, the biggest sports platform in the world, and not because of his substance.  Believe me; go on any of his chats and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Here’s a shoutout to the writers on lesser known sites that I believe to be the best in the business: Maxboxing’s Steve Kim and Gab Montoya and RingMagazine’s Doug Fischer just to name a few.


Till next time guys, I am out.