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Ace: What a great first weekend of the NFL Playoffs! The NFL Season has so many parts where I get incredibly excited to watch and the first weekend of the playoffs is one of them. If your team isn’t in the playoffs, obviously you’re a bit bummed, especially if they were in the running during the final weeks of the season. If you’re a fan of a team like the Cleveland Browns, you know that the Cleveland Indians have a better chance of meaningful games in October than the Browns. If you’re like Allen and I, you have a horse in the race and our teams our set to play this weekend, if they both win, the NFC comes down to the Packers and Falcons. If they both lose, we’ll have a depressing article next week and if one team wins, it will seem like one of us will be gloating next week. I’ll recap the four games from this past weekend and then pass it off to Allen.

Cincinnati at Houston

I’ve been on the Houston Texans bandwagon for about four years now when it comes to them doing some sort of damage in the playoffs, I’m about ready to step off. My prediction was rolling with the hot team and picking Cincinnati. Houston didn’t do much for me in this game. They were probably expecting to have this past weekend off and Houston played like it down the stretch and going into the half of this game. I was fully expecting Cincinnati to wake up, it was close in the 4th, but Houston managed to hang on. I really like what I see from Cincinnati. Especially with Pittsburgh getting older and who knows what to think of Baltimore. The AFC North might belong to the Bengals for the next few years.

Minnesota at Green Bay

Obviously, this was the game I was most into over the weekend. There were rumblings that Christian Ponder was not going to play and those rumblings came true about two hours or so prior to kickoff. I expected more on the ground from Joe Webb, and not a lot through the air. The Packers defense was stifling at times and a healthy Clay Matthews was a key to putting pressure on Webb. Charles Woodson returned and his presence was felt. There’s still some question with the offensive line that gave up three sacks to the three Vikings I was most worried about on defense, Jared Allen, Everson Griffin and Christian Ballard. Aaron Rodgers is showing once again that he might be the best quarterback in the league after he completed passes to 10 different receivers. One name to watch out for next week against San Francisco is a guy by the name of DuJuan Harris. He had 100 total yards and a touchdown; he will be the X Factor next week.

Indianapolis at Baltimore

I made my pick of Indianapolis prior to the big news that Ray Lewis was retiring and this would be his final home game. As soon as I saw him make his entrance as the team watched, I got chills and realized that Andrew Luck’s first playoff game would more than likely end in a loss. The Colts had a hard time trying to manage Baltimore’s pass rush. Luck looked flustered and just out of sync. On the other side of the ball Joe Flacoo completed about half his throws, but managed two touchdowns and how about the two headed monster of Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce? Ray Lewis is back and he fired up his team. Honestly I’d be scared of Baltimore a little bit if I were Denver. Ray Lewis can motivate the hell out of anyone, heck I’m sure he could get me fired up to punt a kitten.

Seattle at Washington

The AFC matchups didn’t have me as excited as the NFC matchups this week. I knew this would end up being a fun game to watch and I was right. When Seattle dug a 14-0 hole, I had a feeling that there’s no way the game was over that early. Russell Wilson managed the game very well, while Marshawn Lynch went into beast mode once again in the playoffs. Seattle is a scary team and the rest of the NFC has got to be happy that if they face Seattle, it won’t be at their place.

Allen: The playoffs got off to a bit of a dud but I enjoyed the Sunday’s games a lot. It was great to see Ray Lewis play with so much emotion and Andrew Luck playing really hard. Even though the stats weren’t great, Andrew Luck really impressed me with his arm and how many plays he made with not much support around him. I’m looking forward to seeing him on primetime hopefully at least three times next year. Before I get into my recaps of wild card weekend, I want to send my condolences to Robert Griffin III. I’ve been a huge fan of Griffin and he has electrified the NFL this season with this play. Hopefully he can recover and continue to improve because he was a joy to watch. It was painful to see him not being able to run yesterday and then seeing his knee bend like the way it did.

Cincinnati at Houston

The game was considered to be the dullest of games on wild card weekend and it lived up to the billing. For all the praise Andy Dalton has received, I’ve been telling people it has been premature because of how weak the opponents have been for Cincinnati this season. He looked flustered the entire game and didn’t make the big throws that franchise quarterbacks should make during the playoffs. Matt Schaub wasn’t much better and didn’t exactly give Houston fans confidence that they can trust him going into next week’s game against New England. This was a poor played game all around where Houston continues to struggle especially with the goal line offense and Cincinnati still not having enough talent offensively. Also they may want to consider moving to a 3-4 or getting rid of Ray Maulaluga because he was a liability all game.

Minnesota at Green Bay

The game had possible blow out potential and it happened. I’m positive that most people didn’t expect Christian Ponder to be out yet the elbow injury was serious enough for him to be inactive. I’m sure after watching that game, Viking fans would have rather wanted Ponder playing at 20% percent than Joe Webb. Webb was terrible at quarterback and never really had consecutive passes on target. The passes were even going too low or too over thrown. It was a bad night altogether for the Vikings with Peterson having a decent game, but not up to his 2012 standards. Green Bay played an efficient game overall and came out with no injuries. They still have issues on the offensive line, but they should be heading into San Francisco with all the confidence in the world. Charles Woodson return clearly made a difference for a Packers defense that seems to be much more physical with him.

Indianapolis at Baltimore

This game definitely had some interest to it but it wasn’t going to be filled with explosive plays. Ray Lewis' final game in Baltimore was a success with Lewis being very active and giving the Ravens a much needed lift defensively. It was a great effort by Andrew Luck to keep making plays and to scramble to keep plays alive but the support around him let him down on numerous occasions. It was a tough first game for the new young Colts team and they kept it close, which should be considered a success. They’ll need to shore up the offensive line, which has been terrible all year and the secondary that simply allowed far too many big plays. They have a bright future but for now the Ravens move on. Their chances aren’t good but if the defense can harass Peyton Manning like they did to Luck, they have a chance.

Seattle at Washington

Everybody tagged this game as game of the week and it was for good reason. Unfortunately the brilliance of Robert Griffin III was shortened by a knee injury and the Redskins never recovered. I’m putting the blame on Mike Shanahan for leaving him out there when he clearly didn’t look like himself. He was clearly injured, which is clearly different from being hurt. His mobility was non-existent and he was forced to stay in the pocket, which isn’t his style. Marshawn Lynch had a big game despite the fumble miscue and carried the Seahawks offense for the majority of the game. Russell Wilson still did nothing for me to convince me that he’s more than just a scrambling game manager. It was a gritty game where Seattle’s defense continues to shine and the Redskins just couldn’t recover from their leader being injured. Washington’s defense played hard, but eventually the physical pounding was too much for them.

Ace: As we continue on. Just like last week, we’ll talk about the matchups for this weekend and give our analysis and prediction. The score doesn’t matter, but the outcome does. We’ve had our ‘Elite Football Mind Challenge’ for 18 Weeks and you added an extra game to your lead and are now 4 games ahead at 58-31 to 54-35 with 7 games left in the NFL Season.

AFC Divisional: #4 Baltimore Ravens at #1 Denver Broncos 4:30pm/ET, CBS

Allen: A matchup that has happened already this season and it ended up being very one-sided. The only difference in this game is that the Broncos will be home, which is even worse for Baltimore. It has gone unnoticed recently but Baltimore has become one of the most notable home field advantages in football. The crowd is very rabid and the defense tends to play much better at home. Now they have to travel to a well rested Denver team that has hit their stride during the second part of the season. Baltimore has looked inspired over the past few weeks and has shown more life after going through a stretch where they looked lackadaisical on offense and allowing too many big plays defensively. They may not be the same old Ravens team that I’ve been talking about the past few weeks but they have shown more life. That doesn’t hide that Joe Flacco is still below average on the road and the secondary is going to have problems containing Denver’s passing attack. Baltimore seems to be 2nd best in just about every part of this game except the running game. If Ray Rice can hang on to the ball and Bernard Pierce continues to run hard, Baltimore will have to do its best to keep Denver’s offense off the field and keep their dynamic pass rusher duo from not having too many chances to make plays. It’s a tall order for Baltimore, but this is a team that is full of veterans and has proven in the past that they can win big games. It really depends on how well the defense plays and if Joe Flacco can avoid turning the ball over.

Denver has played as well as any team over the past few months and seems to be fully loaded for a Super Bowl run. Peyton Manning has played on an MVP level and he has found his superstar target in Demaryius Thomas. Now I understand this is Thomas’ first big season, but he has shown all the ability to be a top five receiver for years to come. With Eric Decker constantly making plays then Manning has his safety targets in Jacob Tamme and Brandon Stokley. The offensive line has kept Manning clean for most of the season as well. It has mostly a perfect combination for Manning even without much of a running game. I’m not sure if the lack of running game will be a problem this game. Knowshon Moreno has been running well, but he has benefited from going up against weak opposition. If he can have a good game against the Ravens, I’ll be more confident.

Overall Denver looks much better on both sides of the football. With the Ravens offensive line struggling, I’m expecting Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller to give Flacco even more problems. Baltimore is going to have a difficult time scoring in this game then they’ll eventually have problems containing the Denver passing attack. I’m expecting the game to be more competitive than the last time, but eventually Denver will pull away.

Allen’s Pick: Denver 27, Baltimore 13

Ace: The NFL loves a good storyline and what greater of a storyline is this. Two staples of the AFC for the last 14+ years, Peyton Manning and his new team versus Ray Lewis and his only team in what may possibly be the final game of Lewis’ Hall of Fame career.

Denver had the luxury of having a week off and resting up for what will be a physical battle. Tracy Porter is listed as questionable and will be a major key on the defense to stopping Joe Flacco and company. Peyton Manning had a monster season with his two weapons of Thomas and Eric Decker. Both guys were one thousand yard receivers and were vital parts to the offense. You’re totally right on the defensive side of the ball. Dumervil and Miller will give Flacco immense pressure and really rattle him up.

I feel if Joe Flacco can put up the same numbers he did last week but increase his completion percentage by about 10-15% and if Rice/Pierce can duplicate their performances as well, they can hang around in this game, and could potentially spring the upset. It’s a very slim chance, but I still think there’s a chance. Personally, I really don’t see Baltimore giving Denver too much of a problem. Denver will come out fired up and ready to go. Ray Lewis is the definition of being fired up so it’s hard to say how the team will rally around him. In my mind I see this game being within a touchdown in the 4th quarter but some sort of defensive score by Denver changes things drastically. Denver moves on to the AFC Title Game.

The Ace’s Pick: Denver 30, Baltimore 16

NFC Divisional: #3 Green Bay Packers at #2 San Francisco 49ers 8:00pm/ET, FOX

Allen: Another rematch is taking place and this will be very different from the AFC rematches. With the inclusion of Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers have become more dynamic offensively. I’ve been in favor of playing Kaepernick over Alex Smith ever since his performance against Chicago on Monday night in November. He’s had some struggles but I’m pretty sold on him being a franchise quarterback. He’s got a great arm and his athleticism gives most defenses headaches. Frank Gore is fully healthy and has been running hard all season, which is rare considering his injury problems in the past. With San Francisco being very unpredictable offensively, that should draw a Packers defense that plays much better at home more issues. The Packers aren’t very athletic defensively and their front seven is known for being slow other than Clay Matthews. If they can contain Matthews and there receiving options get open, the 49ers offensive performance will be pretty similar to what they did to the Packers in Week 1. With the defense still playing at a high level and having home field, you have to like their chances to give Green Bay loads of problems especially if Justin Smith can return. He may not get the recognition like Patrick Willis or Aldon Smith but he may be their most important player in the lineup. He creates one on one matchups for Aldon Smith and helps the linebackers get open space to make tackles. If Justin Smith is healthy, that is just another element of the Packers problems on trying to keep Aaron Rodgers clean.

The Packers still remain dangerous and they still are capable of having a Super Bowl run. I’m not really paying attention to their performance against the Vikings because it wasn’t really much of a contest. With the entire team finally healthy, it should give them a good shot at pulling the upset. Jordy Nelson is finally healthy and Randall Cobb is back to go along with the rest of their dangerous weapons, which will give San Francisco problems. The one issue with the 49ers is their depth at cornerback and it could cost them if Aaron Rodgers doesn’t take too many hits. The offensive line is still a main problem and they are going up arguably the best pass rush in the NFL. Rodgers has played at a high level all season despite the offensive line playing poorly but this is going to be his toughest task to date. The defense has really benefited from the return of Charles Woodson, but they still have some cracks. If they can play with a lead, that will increase the possibility of making Kaepernick throw more than the 49ers would like. I’m high on Kaepernick, but you take your chances of dealing with his arm rather than Gore and Kaepernick running the ball.

This game is the toughest pick for me this week, but I’m not going against the team I have going to the Super Bowl. This team is too good defensively to allow many big plays from Rodgers then the offense should do just enough to get by. Kaepernick may have some issues but his chemistry with Michael Crabtree has really improved and that will be a difference maker. This should be the best game of the week and it will deliver.

Allen’s Pick: San Francisco 24, Green Bay 20

Ace: These two teams met on September 9th at Lambeau Field and San Francisco prevailed in a tough 30-22 matchup. Green Bay had the ball back down by 8 but couldn’t get into the end zone. In that first meeting Alex Smith and Frank Gore were the keys to San Francisco on offense. As we know, Smith won’t be starting and more than likely won’t see action. He was 20/26 for 211 and 2 touchdowns while Frank Gore had 16 carries for 112 yards and a touchdown. We saw the defense come together last weekend against Minnesota; the mere presence of Charles Woodson in the defensive backfield drastically helps out Green Bay’s front seven. While they may be slow, Clay Matthews got to Joe Webb a couple times last week and he got through San Francisco’s offensive line for 2.5 sacks. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has looked pretty average in his last three games, no big rushing numbers or out of this world passing numbers. Sure, he did have a big game against New England, but this will still be his first career playoff start against a much-improved defense.

On Green Bay’s side, Aaron Rodgers needs to be electric. One thing to note from their first meeting is that while Rodgers threw the ball 44 times, they rushed the ball only 14 times and five of those attempts were by said defending NFL MVP. The total rushing yards for Green Bay in the first meeting was just 45 yards. There is no question that Green Bay will run the ball much better this time around, especially with that sneaky free agent pickup, DuJuan Harris. Harris will be a key to Green Bay winning this game. While he may not go for 100 yards between the tackles getting the ball stuffed in his gut by Rodgers, I expect them to utilize the play action quite a few times with short dump offs to Harris and let him make the play in the open field. Defensively, the Packers are as healthy as they’re going to be all season, Ryan Pickett and C.J. Wilson need to clog the middle of the field similar to what they did last week to Adrian Peterson.

These are very different teams from the two that met a little over four months ago. San Francisco was the powerhouse favorite, but they have struggled and have looked beatable this season. Green Bay lost three of the first five games and everyone was worried. Since that poor start, they lost at New York and at Minnesota and won the rest of their games. If the Rodgers plays fantastic like he has the last few weeks and they can get DuJuan Harris involved, they’ll win. I still think it will be close. Should San Francisco put Rodgers on his back and take away the run and force them to be one dimensional, San Francisco will win. Regardless, I think we’ll be in for a treat and this game will be decided late in the 4th quarter.

The Ace’s Pick: Green Bay 30, San Francisco 28

NFC Divisional: #5 Seattle Seahawks at #1 Atlanta Falcons 1:00pm/ET, FOX

Allen: Everybody seems to be hopping on the Seahawks bandwagon, which doesn’t surprise me. Now don’t get me wrong, the Seahawks are impressive and they have earned the right to be contenders. They are the hottest team in the NFC and play a traditional way of football that seems to be lost. They pound the ball down the opposing team’s throats and their defense has been playing at a high level all year. With their physical secondary led by Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, Seattle matches up well with the Falcons. It goes along with a tough pass rush as well, which is another reason why the Seahawks have allowed only 15 points a game this season. The issue with Seattle is that they aren’t great on the road going 3-5 this season. Even during their hot streak, the best win they had on the road was against the Bears. It was an impressive win but the Falcons are far better than Chicago. It will be interesting to see how they deal with more crowd noise inside the Georgia Dome. With Mike Nolan’s defensive schemes, this will be a judgment game for Russell Wilson. His numbers may look great on paper but Wilson is still a game manager to me. Even with Marshawn Lynch likely having a big game, he’ll have to make plays at some point and playing turnover free football, which is tough inside Atlanta. Wilson is talented but the praise for him is making him extremely overvalued when clearly Marshawn Lynch won the Seahawks that game against Washington.

Atlanta is rested and once again feeling the heat after their playoff failures. When people think about Atlanta, they think about the offense, which is fair. That being said, it will be because of the defense if Atlanta wins this game. The offense isn’t going to explode this game and completely tear apart the Seahawks. That’s too difficult, they’ll have to score in the 20’s obviously but this game is on the defense. They have played better than people credit for all season long and should continue that stretch. The challenge will be for the defense to contain Lynch, which is very difficult but the run defense has had their moments. The overall stats may not be pretty, but they have shut down Doug Martin and LeSean McCoy this season, which are two running backs on the same level as Lynch. The defense has given the likes of Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, and Drew Brees nights that they would like to forget. Obviously players like Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, and Julio Jones will have to make their plays but the game will be on the defense along mostly. If they can’t get stops, eventually it will put too much pressure on Matt Ryan. Ryan has all the pressure in the world to play well and I’m expecting him too but the defense is the major focal point by forcing the Seahawks to pass.

This is another tough game but I’m sticking with the Falcons. I’ve picked against them before and they’ve proven me wrong. The home field is very critical and Seattle will have a tough time to adjust. If the offensive line gives Matt Ryan time, you’ll see him shine. With the loss of Chris Clemons, Seattle will miss their best pass rusher that will clearly hurt their chances. Seattle will really need to win the turnover battle and Marshawn Lynch will have to be in “beast mode” for them to pull off the upset. The second one is likely but the first one I don’t see happening.

Allen’s Pick: Atlanta 23, Seattle 16

Ace: In the matchup that I’ll be watching close to see who the Packers will be playing in the NFC Title game, it should be special. Allen will be hoping doesn’t resemble the Atlanta in the playoffs the last two seasons we see the #1 Seed for the whole season facing a team in Seattle who have looked at times unbeatable on defense. Seattle is a team that I’ve been high on all season and even in the preseason. Their physical defense, mixed with a rookie quarterback on offense and an energetic head coach gives us the Seattle Seahawks. I think the best thing that could happen for Seattle is they lose the coin toss or defer to the second half. Get that defense on the field and have them stop the Atlanta offense and give them the momentum. I disagree with Allen, I do think Marshawn Lynch will have a big game. He’s indoors and Atlanta is giving up about 120 yards per game on the ground. Seattle hasn’t defeated Atlanta since September of 2005.

On Atlanta’s side, they need to come out strong and throw deep. They have one of the best receiving tandems in the NFL and they need to show them off. Obviously, the pressure will be squarely on Matt Ryan’s shoulders. He needs to have a big time game. Keep this in mind that Ryan has never gone for 200 yards passing in three playoff games and he’s thrown 3 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. He’s going to have to have some spectacular numbers if he wants to defeat the Seahawks.

Offensively, the edge goes to Atlanta. Defensively, no question it goes to Seattle. Seattle won three games on the road in the regular season and if they want to get to the Super Bowl, they’ll need to win three road games. They already had a big time win at Washington in come from behind fashion. They were never down more than 9 points all season, and overcame a 14-0 hole. I don’t think Atlanta grabs a big lead, but these two teams will trade blows and I see Seattle knocking down a game winning field goal or late touchdown to make Matty Ice an Ice Cold 0-4 in the playoffs.

The Ace’s Pick: Seattle 27, Atlanta 24

AFC Divisional: #3 Houston Texans at #2 New England Patriots 4:30pm/ET, CBS

Allen: It has been about a month since the Monday night game where New England dismantled Houston and nothing has changed. Houston didn’t make many positive impressions over the past few weeks to change the perception from the Monday night blowout loss. The issue with Houston is that the secondary can’t last against teams with so many options. They got away with it against Cincinnati but New England is far better. The other main issue for Houston in this game is that they don’t have the offense to hang with New England. Matt Schaub has looked shaky lately mainly with the right side of the offensive line struggling and the lack of throwing options. When you want to make the jump to being a true Super Bowl contender, you are going to need another weapon next to Andre Johnson regardless of how good the running game is. It’s going to haunt them in the playoffs and it did for many parts of Saturday’s game. This is a difficult matchup for them that really will come down to needing two of their best players to dominate. Arian Foster and the rest of the running game will have to do its best to keep the Patriots offense off the field, while JJ Watt has to be in Tom Brady’s face for most of the game. Houston’s front four did play better against Cincinnati but they have been disappointing for most of the season including the game against New England.

One major note for New England going into this game is that they’ll have Rob Gronkowski for this game, which gives New England just another weapon for them to use on Houston. As long as the offensive line holds up, Brady should have a field day similar to the last time New England played Houston. It all comes down to the offensive line and defensive line for New England to make this either a dominant win or a close win. If the lines struggle, Houston will make it close and it will cause Brady to make some mistakes. If New England can slow down Foster like they did last time and keep Brady mostly clean, then they should have no problem. The defense has started to improve over the past few months with Aqib Talib playing up to expectations and the pass rush getting to the quarterback. They’ve had some issues but this defense always plays better at home. Not to mention, they have played far better as a defensive unit than they did last year.

This is probably the easiest pick of the week for me. Houston has really fallen off the past month and they are going to struggle trying to slow down Brady. With Schaub playing poorly, the offense isn’t going to keep up. Houston will really have to be aggressive in free agency and the draft because right now they are just too flawed. A garbage time touchdown will make the score look not as bad but overall this game won’t be any different from the game last month.

Allen’s Pick: New England 34, Houston 20

Ace: It will have been 34 days since New England defeated Houston on Monday Night Football 42-14 and Tom Brady was brilliant. This game was such a blowout there was a Ryan Mallett sighting. Houston was the clear cut favorite going into this game in the AFC. What a difference 34 days will have made? The Texans could be in the cozy confines of Reliant Stadium hosting Baltimore or whichever lowest seed would have been around.

Houston’s had a big time offense early this season with Schaub throwing to Andre Johnson and Arian Foster on the ground. Right now, I look at them and there are 6 or 7 teams that are better on offense. Looking at their matchup during the regular season Tom Brady threw for 64 more yards and completed two more passes on three more attempts than Schaub, but the difference maker is Brady’s 4 touchdown passes to Schaub’s none. Receivers couldn’t separate from Patriot defenders and I have a feeling we’ll see a lot of that this Sunday.

I think New England will have a very easy afternoon against the Texans. Getting Rob Gronkowski back will be a huge boost to the offense that didn’t have him in the blowout earlier this season. Looking back earlier on the season with players, coaches and fans of the Houston Texans saying they were disrespected because they weren’t in the conversation of being the best team in the AFC, its not as silly as it once sounds, right? Houston will struggle to keep up with New England’s pace. Plus, Brady vs. Manning is much sexier than Schaub vs. Manning. Denver will roll.

The Ace’s Pick: New England 34, Houston 17

Allen: This is a very emotional weekend for Falcon fans all across the world since there is a major buzz in the year. There is no denying that this is the most complete Falcons team since Mike Smith took over in 2008. Once again it’s another week where the NFC matchups are better than the AFC matchups. I’m sure that when Brady versus Manning happens, that will get more buzz. Regardless it’s well known that this is the best round of the playoffs with two days of great action. Hopefully we get to see Packers versus Falcons for our sake and next week to be extra special for the weekly column. Other than that, Ace let’s hear if you have any inspirational words for the Packers. I’m very confident in Atlanta and don’t feel the need to. Not as confident as New England or Denver fans, but still a notch below. I’m ready for the stress and intensity; it’s been long overdue for fans that had to wait due to their team getting a bye week.

Ace: The Packers will be playing a Divisional Playoff game a mere 362 days since their last Divisional playoff game. In Green Bay’s mind they new they could of went out there and beat the New York Giants. They just didn’t show up. They wanted to play San Francisco at home in the NFC Championship game for a trip to the Super Bowl. That game wasn’t played until September 9th when it was the first game of the regular season. Green Bay lost back to back games that I know has been eating Aaron Rodgers up. This could be the final run for Charles Woodson, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and maybe a few other guys as Green Bay Packers. They need to avenge the final loss of last season and the first loss of this season. If they do, they’ll either come home to host Seattle or travel to Atlanta, either way, my team is playing another week and they avenge that opening week loss. Ideally, I want them to avenge their loss against Seattle earlier this season in the ‘Fail Mary’ game, but for the sake of this article and Macho Men Radio, a Green Bay/Atlanta NFC Championship Game would be amazing. Speaking of which, you joined me last night on Macho Men Radio, check out the fun time we had. I hope both our teams win this weekend, I truly do. I may have picked the Seahawks, but deep down I hope it’s the Dirty Birds and the Cheeseheads in the NFC and then we get very lucky to watch Tom Brady travel to Denver to face Peyton Manning for the AFC Crown. Thanks for reading and have and enjoy a great weekend of football!