Kimi Raikkonen is saying that he hasn’t been paid by Lotus all season long thus far. He showed up a day late for the event in Abu Dubai, and reports are if he doesn’t get some money coming in he’s not racing the rest of the year. My problem with this is why in the hell didn’t he start raising issues with them sooner than this?

Martin Truex Jr. is officially signed with Furniture Row Racing. I’m glad he got the deal done, but I would have been a lot happier had that crap in Richmond never happened. Just saying.

Adam Brown, the crew member who decided to be Thor for Halloween a little early, was suspended by NASCAR this week. The suspension is indefinite and the crew chief for the 3 in the Camping World Truck Series, Paul Richmond was fined $10,000. This all stems from the Harvick/Dillon incident at Martinsville. I didn’t say this in the recap on Monday because I wanted the importance to be on Darrel Wallace Jr. winning. However, I’ll say this, Harvick would kick both Dillon Brothers’ butts.

Go Daddy is saying they will go from overly intense sexual commercials to more humor based commercial. This will include commercials with Danica Patrick. It was also announced that Danica will make her eighth Super Bowl commercial ad appearance. Danica already holds the records for most appearances currently.

Twisted Tea, an adult beverage, will make two appearances on the 9 of Marcos Ambrose in 2014. Part of me was surprised by this because how strongly the Petty Family railed against having adult beverage brands throughout the years in NASCAR. Anheuser-Busch sponsored the 9 when Kasey Kahne drove for the team after the Evernham-Gillete/Petty Enterprise merger a few years back. “The King” was never comfortable with the relationship, but he didn’t stop the efforts. However, he’s been adamant no “adult” brand of any kind will ever be on the 43. I have more respect for Richard Petty then maybe any living race car driver, active or not. But with that logic I have to say, what a crock.

It’s been a bit of a slow news week as is the norm as we reach closer to the end of the racing season. However, the ride is far from over kids, we still got plenty of miles to go before the end of November.

Random Sports/Non Sports Thought:

I bet you expected some sort of unseemly remark on Danica Patrick and the toning down of sex in the Go Daddy ads. Admit it, you did. Its okay we’re all friends here you can say it.

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Tyler Pierce