The longtime owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, Jerry Buss has died today at the age of 80.  We found out recently that Buss had been battling cancer since 2012 and has been in the hospital for several months while being unable to attend a Lakers game at all during this season.  Reports came out this month that he was not doing well and was surrounded by family in the hospital.  He ultimately died early this morning due to kidney failure.

Jerry Buss bought the Los Angeles Lakers franchise in 1979 as they became the class of the NBA with style and flare never before. The Showtime Lakers of the 80s will forever go down as one of the most impressive and innovative dynasties of all-time.  Buss spearheaded 10 NBA championships while bringing in some of the greatest basketball players ever to get the job done.  Magic Johnson, - who reffered to Dr. Buss as a "second father" - James Worthy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant have all won championships under the leadership of Jerry Buss.  He was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010 and will go down as one of the greatest owners in the history of sports.


• The Western Conference defeated the East in the NBA's All-Star game last night 143-138 while Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers took home MVP honors with an impressive 20 points, 15 assists and four steals.  Chris Paul is the first Clipper to ever win the All-Star game's MVP award.  In other NBA All-Star weekend news, Terrence Ross of the Toronto Raptors won the Dunk Contest while Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers won the Three-Point Shooting Contest.

• The Chicago Blackhawks continue to dominate the NHL this season.  They have now played their way into the second greatest start to an NHL season at 12-0-3 after defeating the defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings for the second time this season yesterday 3-2.  They have yet to lose in regulation while every other team has lost at least two games.  Their next test comes tomorrow at home against the Vancouver Canucks - who beat the Blackhawks in a shootout earlier this season.

• Baltimore Orioles' reliever Darren O'Day signed a $5.8 million, two-year contract today as the arbitration period for Major League Baseball officially closed. Arbitration - which is when an eligible player and his team cannot agree on a new contract and take the dispute to a judge - began in 1974 and 2013 is the first year that no case was taken to a judge.  133 players filed for arbitration on January 13.

• Billy Hunter, who had served as executive director of the NBA's player union since 1996 has been unanimously voted out by the players.  A statement from the players on Saturday said they will "no longer be divided, misled, misinformed."  A review of the union came a month ago as Hunter's leadership was called into question following several controversial decisions.  Hunter came under fire in January when a review showed that he had been hiring family members and friends.


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