After a massive PPV event where early reporting suggest that it will shatter the PPV buys record set by Mayweather v Oscar De La Hoya back in May of 2007, the question now being asked is what’s next for Mayweather?  How do you possibly follow up that event? 

            All signs point to Mayweather tangling with Danny Garcia, the victor of the chief bout on Mayweather’s undercard.  This is no disrespect to Garcia who has silenced virtually every critic in his rise to this spot but he would offer no real threat to Mayweather.  He does not possess any real speed or power that could penetrate the masterful Mayweather defense.  There’s also the issue of him being a virtual unknown outside of the hardcore boxing fanhood.  Let’s not forget, the last time Mayweather fought a “B level” opponent (Robert Guerrero), the promotion was a colossal disaster and the PPV was a dud.  Some reports still say that the number didn’t even crack 1 million buys.

            It serves reminding that for that fight, Mayweather showed little interest in actually promoting the fight and the numbers at the box office suggested that same fact.  By looking at the recent fighters he has picked to fight (first Cotto, now Alvarez), it seems as though Mayweather is realizing that he really needs “A level” fighters to really create huge events and PPVs.  At the end of the day, that’s all Floyd cares about; a fat paycheck to deposit into his one account and as he gets up in age, it’s becoming increasingly important that he cashes out on his sublime skills.

            This brings me back to Danny Garcia; many see him as just another Robert Guerrero.  Floyd Mayweather will do virtually the same business he did against Guerrero which was light years away  from what he earned against Cotto or Alvarez.  How much is this weighing in on his decision-making?  Nobody but his team knows but you have to think there is some thought to bypass this fight.  Even if it’s not Garcia, the options are limited; maybe a move up to fight Sergio Martinez at middleweight but Mayweather has show a reluctance to really move up too far in weight.

            So enter into the equation Manny Pacquiao; the same Pacquaio who has danced around a potential bout with Mayweather for almost three years.  He still has a huge challenge waiting for him in November with a bout against Brawler Brandon Rios but if he comes out the victor, does he have a shot at landing a bout with Floyd?  Both him and his trainer, Freddie Roach, are vocal to this day that they still want the fight.  It seems as though Juan Manuel Marquez isn’t all that interested in a fifth bout so Pacquaio’s team suffer from the same lack of opponent issue as Mayweather does.

            Of course, there is the Golden Boy vs Top Rank issue to worry about and also the network issue but Bob Arum has stated in the past that he is willing to work with Showtime and if Mayweather left GBP out of the equation and let his own promotion (Mayweather Promotions) deal with Top Rank, it’s not inconceivable to think they could work out a resolution. 

            The chances are still slim but the logic is still there; Mayweather and Pacquiao could still put on a huge event that could make both fighters extremely rich.  There really is no shock to the fact that Floyd is becoming greedy and every fight, he wants more and more.  How do you raise the bar after that record-breaker against Canelo?  You heard it here first but a Pacquiao v Mayweather fight would do 3 million buys EASILY.