In front of a star-studded crowd at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather easily outpointed a game Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in an amazing event put on by Showtime and Golden Boy Promotions.  Inexcusably, CJ Ross scored the fight a draw; quite possibly one of the most ludicrous cards you will ever see.  Even the other two judges, who scored in favor of Mayweather, had the margins too close.  I watched and scored every round for Mayweather. 

Even at the age of 36, Floyd Mayweather looks every bit the fighter he has been for the last ten year.  Behind lead right hands, a shoulder-roll defense, and a relentless jab, Mayweather bewildered the 23 year-old Alvarez in front of a raucous pro-Alvarez, Mexican crowd.

Many believed that Alvarez possessed the necessary skills and size to finally answer the Mayweather riddle but he went down like so many before him have.  Trying to solve the shoulder roll defense, which Mayweather has perfected, Canelo left himself open one too many times to counter hooks and jabs that gradually messed up his boyish face.  There may be an answer on how to beat Mayweather on paper but inside the ring, it’s a downright mystery.  Mayweather has relied less on his legs to get away and instead, in recent fights, has engaged with fighters always coming out the man on top.  Canelo chased and stalked Mayweather to no avail. 

There’s no denying that Alvarez was as game and determined as you will ever see an opponent but it was painfully apparent that he was not in the same class at Mayweather.  Many, including yours truly, believe that Canelo was entering this fight a year or two too early and maybe he needed a little more seasoning before being put in with possibly the greatest fighter since Sugar Ray Leonard.  Canelo will be back and hopefully, be back on this grand stage because boxing can use his fanbase.

So where does Mayweather go from here?  It’s looking pretty certain that Mayweather will meet the victor on the chief bout of his undercard; Danny Garcia.  Garcia has been on an amazing roll and has beaten some of the best but there’s no denying; he will be a MASSIVE underdog against Mayweather.  His style will feed right into Mayweather’s game and it will most likely be a shutout.  But there lies the problem with Mayweather; there’s no fighter on his level and the search for viable opponents keeps dwindling.