Luis Suarez in tears as Liverpool boss unleashes fury

Another day, another Luis Suarez development. Luis Suarez was pictured in tears yesterday, as Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers raged at him for criticizing the club. Yesterday, reported how Suarez had personally contacted The Guardian newspaper to criticize his own club and boss. This was done behind his clubs back, and included the implication that his boss was a liar. You can read the quotes here - , needless to say, Liverpool probably didn’t appreciate such strong words from a man they have supported through racism and violence bans. Suarez maintains he owes the club nothing, having given them 50 goals in around 100 appearances.

Inevitably Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has now fired back, strongly criticizing Suarez for this unsanctioned interview, and Rodgers has branded Suarez the liar. Amazingly though, he still wants to keep the want away trouble maker.

Yesterday, Rodgers is said to have gave Suarez a verbal storm of anger when his star player arrived for training. Shortly afterwards, Suarez was pictured driving away from the training ground in tears. It must have been some telling off. Today Suarez made a point of driving to training singing along to his radio. But he can’t play it cool how much trouble is in. It appears no wages have been fined, but Suarez is to now train alone away from the rest of the squad. Rodgers has told him he has let the club down. Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher who visited the training ground last week has commented that Suarez is not training well at all and his lack of effort has hurt his team mates. It really is hard to see how the Suarez Liverpool relationship can continue, but Liverpool seem determined to spite the player. Suarez, once loved by Liverpool fans, will be one of the most hated players they have ever booed once his move to Arsenal finally does go through. If Rodgers really does think as he says that Suarez has damaged the club, and if he really thinks that no player is bigger than the club, then surely Rodgers should act and fire Suarez. They could dismiss him on the racism or violence grounds for breach of contract and claim back a load of money that way. Instead, Rodgers seems to want to keep the player that he claims isn’t bigger than the club, despite the fact evidence suggests Suarez is granted a level of leniency no other player at the club could dream of.

Rodgers is furious with Suarez's behaviour and wants a public apology before he will be considered to play for Liverpool again. That seems unlikely, although the notorious Liverpool PR department could always fake one.

Rodgers stated in a press conference yesterday: “There were no promises made - categorically none - and no promises broken. The club and his representatives had several conversations and he knew exactly where he was at.”
"There has been total disrespect of the club - a club that has given him everything.
"Obviously the remarks I've read are bitterly disappointing - but my job is bigger than that."
Rodgers added: "I will take strong, decisive action, absolutely. I think Luis knows the support he's had at the football club and that's something that's been unswerving throughout the whole of last season.
"My job is to fight and protect the club. The conversations I've had with him he knows I've had, and they will remain private."

The truth of the matter seems to be that neither man is strictly a liar. Suarez believes a good faith agreement is in place, whereas LFC view this as discretionary. The fact that no official contract clause exists perhaps means Suarez is stuck, but how on earth can the club now want to hang on to such a trouble maker?

The fact is, this is a guy who has missed huge chunks of the last two seasons for racism and violence bans. He is a notorious diver and cheat too. He is now verbally hurting his manager and boss. If Brendan Rodgers is serious about maintaining the integrity of his club, there is only one option, forget making Suarez cry, you have to full on wash your hands of him. Arsenal may well be buying more trouble than it’s worth.

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