The Atlanta Falcons may have to play the rest of their season without their top wide receiver.  Julio Jones reportedly has a potentially season-ending foot injury.  The news broke courtesy of Jay Glazer:

If the reports are true, and Jones is out for the season, it would be a seemingly fatal blow in the already disastrous season for the once Super Bowl contending Atlanta Falcons.  Their new RB they brought in to create even more of a dynamic offense, Steven Jackson, has been out with a hamstring injury, and it is unknown when he will be able to return.  Roddy White has been playing, but very ineffectively thanks to a bum ankle -- and after Monday's rock-bottom loss to the New York Jets, he also has a hamstring injury as well.  RB Jason Snelling is also now hurt, dealing with a possible concussion.

Jones is seeking a second opinion on the severity of his injury, holding out hope that it will not end his season, but the Falcons are pessimistic about the situation.  It is feared that the injury is a fractured foot, the very same injury Jones dealt with his rookie year.

You have to believe they are frantically calling the Cleveland Browns like a needy ex desperately gauging the availability of Josh Gordon at this point.  With Jones out, Roddy White being held together by duct tape, Harry Douglas being mediocre at best and backups Kevin Cone and Drew Davis having a combined one career catch between them, Matt Ryan will have a pretty difficult time getting the ball to playmakers.  Tony Gonzalez can only do so much.


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