Welcome to my football coverage at TJRsports.com. My name is G.J. Herbert and I will be writing exclusively at TJRsports.com on all things in European and world football. You can follow me at @gjhsports on Twitter to get the quickest news and reactions, and I will let you know when I have new articles up at TJRsports. I may also have the odd bit of betting tips on my twitter, so your life may end up richer if you follow me too. (I have worked in the betting industry but all risk is your own!)

I love Football. It will be the primary subject I write about for TJRsports, although I have a great love of Rugby, Tennis, Basketball, boxing, MMA and WWE too. I’m a real sports guy, the greatest drama and entertainment in the world is in sports. Take for example a couple of years ago, Chelsea versus Barcelona in the European Champions league semi final second leg. Chelsea were narrow 1 nil victors in the first leg in London, but didn’t have a chance at Barcelona’s Camp Nou in which Barca often hit Three to Four goals a game. The improbable task became the impossible task as John Terry stupidly got sent off early for a dumb kick. Barcelona then went up Two nil on the night. Chelsea then conceded a penalty kick, and it looked like their fate was sealed. But what happened? Leo Messi (who always scores) hit the bar with the penalty, Chelsea clawed a goal back, and then Fernando Torres who couldn’t score a goal to save his life ran through and hit the back of the net in the closing minutes. The Two Two draw was enough to put Barcelona out. Unbelievably Ten man Chelsea had went to Barcelona’s Spanish Fortress and got a result. I’m not even a Chelsea fan, but you have to love that drama. It sums up why people get so passionate and involved in sports. You just can’t replicate that drama in a film script or tv show. The entertainment is real, and on any given day, at any given moment, a bit of magic is possible to witness. Football is rammed with these moments, which is why I think it is the greatest sport to follow. Sure, you have your dominant teams, but as exemplified, you never really know what may happen. Look at Sir Alex Ferguson’s last ever match as manager of Manchester United. Against the average West Brom, Fergie would surely go out in a blaze of glory. The game ended 5-5. Probably the most unpredictable result possible, a ten goal game, an almost fitting end for Fergie given his career of thrills. Every match becomes a must see game with things like this in mind. But even if a match seems a certainty you still have to watch, you can’t risk missing a great piece of play, a killer pass, the beauty of a great goal. Nothing can beat the joy of seeing a player execute a fantastic goal. Whether it is Cristiano Ronaldo smashing a ball into the roof of a net, or the majestic Lionel Messi softly chipping a goalkeeper … it just looks great. Goals are the most beautiful play of any sport. A touchdown or a basket can’t really match the pure beauty of a football hitting the inside of a net after being curled from Twenty Five yards and spinning majestically through the air. Perhaps this is why Football is commonly known as “The Beautiful Game”.

It will be my pleasure covering the beautiful game for TJRsports. I have been reading John Canton’s columns for over Five years now. Canton is a man I have a great deal of respect for. I have always found his work engaging, interesting and well informed. I hope he will enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed his over the years.

So, what can you expect from G.J. Herbert at TJRsports.com? It will be a mixture of news reaction and opinion editorials that are in my head in any given week. For example, I am lining up a piece about Liverpool FC and racism. This is following the news this week that LFC will publish guidelines to make sure it’s staff aren’t racist. This is basically a PR clean up, the club is still severely tarnished after publicly supporting Luis Suarez last year, despite the striker admitting calling Patrice Evra a “negro” and admitting telling Evra “I don’t speak to blacks… blackie, blackie, blackie.” My article will examine how the culture and image of Liverpool changed forever after this incident, to this day with manager Brendan Rodgers asserting “Luis Suarez isn’t for sale… he knows here the team is built around him, he wont get that elsewhere.” Another article I intend to publish is a look at the British fan’s match day. This will cover the experience of a Saturday in the English Premier League and going along to your local club to cheer on the team. This will be a great account, as the game I will base this on is the recent north east derby which I attended, which eventually ended in a riot. Not that I condone rioting, but it certainly made for a tale to tell. Speaking of hardcore fans, I will also share stories from my time in Italy and Croatia. I have attended games in the Serie A and Croatian leagues, and the passion found in these places for football is LOUD. Which brings me to my overall news coverage, I actively follow the Italian league, Scottish league and Spanish league. My focus will inevitably be the English Premier League, but I aim to give a fully rounded report of European football. Plus, international games and world football will certainly get a look in. I may even be in Brazil during the world cup, so that should make for some interesting reporting for TJRsports.

Now that I have introduced myself and set the tone for what to expect, please get in touch with me and let me know what you, my audience, want to hear and read about – follow and tweet me at @gjhsports  and keep checking back on TJRsport.com this weekend for my controversial and opinionated but always FACTUAL look at Footballing matters. If you are a wrestling fan, maybe follow me @prowrestlepress too and check out prowrestlingpress.wordpress.com