A man that has epitomized a glamorous yet tortuous life, Golden Boy promoter and former champion Oscar De La Hoya has checked himself into a rehab facility.  In a public statement, De La Hoya stated that he has “voluntarily admitted himself into a treatment facility” and has asked for “support and privacy during this difficult time”.  Oscar is no stranger with dealing with substance problems as he has in the past faced battles with alcohol, drugs and even marital issues.  There is no confirmation as to what the exact reason this admittance to a rehab facility is due to.   

            In another shocker, De La Hoya has also confirmed that he will not attend the upcoming megafight between Floyd Mayweather and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.  De La Hoya is the main promoter for the fight and seldom do you see him miss major fights like this.  In the statement, De La Hoya also voiced his support for his fighter, Alvarez, who many see as the heir apparent to De La Hoya in both talent and looks.

            De La Hoya has had incredible fights inside the ring such as those with Fernando Vargas, Floyd Mayweather, and Pernell Whitaker to name a few.  But it is this fight that is the most important and one that De La Hoya must win.  He has faced these ghosts throughout his career and seems as though will continue to battle them in his life.  Through the support of his family, friends and the boxing world, Oscar De La Hoya will overcome these great adversities and come out a better man.