As of today we're going to be changing some things about how we operate here at 

The main thing is we're going to cut back on the longer columns that are posted less often and focus more on sharing our opinions on the sports news of the day. There will be less 5,000 word columns and more quick takes. Because that's what the sports world asks us to do. Whenever there's a story we feel like covering we'll make a post about it. Maybe we'll share a video or a photo and we'll provide the news too. We'll also cover it with analysis.

We can't be running like our wrestling site because unlike wrestling the sports world is constantly changing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Also if you're looking to write for us, we'll be adding some talent in April. My life is really hectic these days, so I'm going to hold off on that until about April 8th (after WrestleMania) at which point we'll be happy to add people to our team.

What do the St. Louis Rams cheerleaders have to do with the changes? Nothing. But take a look at them. You're welcome. 

Thanks for sticking with us and hopefully you can help spread the word too.

John Canton - Editor-in-Chief of