In news that just broke via Sports Illustrated, Lebron will be heading back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. There has been more and more steam growing over the past few weeks of LeBron going back to Cleveland to finish what he started. I am going to give a brief rundown of what the fallout will be The Decision 2.0 with other free agents and possibly a trade.

LeBron James: Obviously, he believes in what Cleveland is building. Having Kyrie Irving as a running mate will give him a true point guard that he never had in Miami and another extremely good scoring option. Kyrie will be able to stretch the floor for James, can take over ball handling duties for him and will look to James as a leader. Also, LeBron will have bigs in place like Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson who can crash the boards and score inside. He also may have another big that will stretch the floor like Bosh soon (more on this to come). All in all and contradictory to a lot of NBA people, I think he is in a better situation in Cleveland due to the young talent that will give him the ability to compete for a championship for many more years to come.

Chris Bosh: This almost assures us that Chris Bosh will be joining the Houston Rockets in the coming days. He would be a great compliment to the best traditional center in the NBA in Howard and give them another perimeter option who can also play defense against many of the stretch 4’s in the Western Conference. He will be getting a lot of money $22 million per season and makes Houston better right away. If Houston decides to match the offer sheet on their restricted free agent Chandler Parsons, they will have one of the best 5 in the West. The only downside for Houston is by taking on Parsons and Bosh, they will likely be hamstrung cash wise until the new television deal comes into effect.

Carmelo Anthony: There was always some question as to where Melo was going to go until LeBron made his decision. Now that he has, I believe Melo will go back to New York. While I don’t think Carmelo can be the best player on a championship winning team, I do believe in the vision of Derek Fisher and the brilliance of Phil Jackson. Those two will make good decisions to get the Knicks younger and better. They are also in the Eastern Conference, where if they can get lucky and beat Cleveland in a series, they have a very good shot at going to the NBA Finals.

Dwayne Wade: At 32 years old and with the knees of a 50 year old, Wade is not going to lead a team to a championship without help. He is still a very good player who I believe will be a unique one team player for his entire career. The Heat now have no option but to bring back with big money their only marquee player. As a player who already has won multiple NBA titles, I think he will take one more big money contract with Miami and then all it a career down on South Beach.

Kevin Love: It was reported a few days ago that Cleveland had a deal in place with the Minnesota Timberwolves for want away star forward Kevin Love. The deal would include the first overall pick in this year’s draft, Andrew Wiggins. I think this could be a win-win for both teams. Kevin Love has made it very clear that he won’t be resigning with the Timberwolves. He doesn’t think they are or will ever be good enough and his number one goal is to win a title. Any deal of course could be nixed if he refuses to sign a deal with Cleveland and letting Wiggins go would be an expensive 1 year rent a player. However, LeBron is in his prime and this deal would make them the best team in the East and maybe the odds on favorite to win the NBA Title. He would complement LeBron perfectly and give him an elite rebounder which he has never had.

Let me know your thoughts on twitter @weigel_a. There will be more NBA updates throughout free agency and the summer as we prepare for next season. Thanks for reading!