Lennox Lewis, the former heavyweight champion of the world, is in talks to return for one fight against one of the Klitschko brothers, according to the UK’s Daily Mail.  Lewis has indicated that he would return to fight one of the brothers for the biggest purse in boxing history.  According to reports, Lewis has been offered $50milllion but has countered with an offer doubling that amount.  Yes, you read that correct; Lewis wants a $100million purse doubling Mayweather’s purse against Canelo Alvarez. “That is my price tag and it is under dicussion.  I have told them I can be ready in six months and I am in provisional training” Lewis stated. 

I’m not sure what exactly to make of these reports.  Lewis hasn’t fought in almost ten years but always maintains that he regularly trains to stay in shape.  Today’s heavyweight landscape is depressing but is it that bad that Lennox Lewis would be the only fighter that could give either brother a fight?  Stay tuned as this develops.