Sunday October 20th, 2013 will be a day that a lot of people remember for crushing injuries. People get hurt every week in the NFL, but Week 7 led to some star players hitting the turf. Here is the breakdown of those key injuries. And don't forget...Week 7 isn't over yet. If you're a Giants or Vikings fan, hold your breath.

Jay Cutler

Injury: Torn groin

Length of time to be missed: At least 4 weeks

Replacement: Josh McCown

​Outlook: It's a tough break since Cutler was playing so well. McCown didn't look terrible in his time on the field, and I wouldn't expect the Bears to go sign someone unless he proves to be atrocious in the next few weeks.


Sam Bradford

Video of Injury -

Injury: Torn ACL

Length of time to be missed: Out for the season

Replacement: Kellen Clemens

Outlook: Another huge blow here. The Rams most likely weren't going anywhere this year, but Bradford was finally starting to show some people what the Rams saw in him when he was drafted number 1 overall. Clemens will most likely start Week 8, but there have already have been rumblings of the Rams signing...wait for it...Tim Tebow.


Doug Martin

Video of Injury -

Injury: Torn labrum

Length of time to be missed: Out for the season

Replacement: Mike James

Outlook: If you own the muscle hamster in a fantasy league, this one really stings because he was most likely your first round pick. Mike James should take over as the main guy. He was the Bucs' 6th round pick out of Miami in 2013. We haven't seen much from him, so it's impossible to predict if he'll be any good, but in his time replacing Martin in Week 7, he rushed for 45 yards and caught 3 passes.


Arian Foster

Injury: Hamstring aggravation

Length of time to be missed: Undetermined

Replacement: Ben Tate

Outlook: Foster actually aggravated his hamstring after Week 6, but still suited up in Week 7. He re-aggravated the injury, which led to an early exit. Ben Tate is one of the best backup running backs in the league, so if Foster is out for any amount of time, the Texans should be ok running Tate out there.


Reggie Wayne

Video of injury -

Injury: Torn ACL and meniscus

Length of time to be missed: Out for the season

Replacement: T.Y. Hilton and Darrius Heyward-Bey will be the starting wide receivers. 

Outlook: This is a heartbreaking injury for an aging veteran who was still producing at a high level. The meniscus tear certainly adds another level of complexity to it. Wayne had played in 189 straight games. The Colts will most likely try to go out and trade for a receiver, with Hakeem Nicks and Josh Gordon being the obvious candidates.


Jermichael Finley

Video of injury -

Injury: Neck

Length of time to be missed: Unknown

Replacement: Andrew Quarless

Outlook: This was by far the scariest injury of the week as Finley laid basically motionless on the field after taking a big hit. Reports state that he is walking around already after spending the night in the ICU, which is great news. We most likely won't know his status for some time.


Brian Cushing

Video of injury -

Injury: Torn LCL and broken fibula

Length of time to be missed: Out for the season

Replacement: Tim Dobbins

Outlook: Cushing is one of the premier linebackers in the league, so losing him really hurts this Texans squad that was already underperforming. Dobbins filled in for Cushing on Sunday, but the Texans may decide to look elsewhere for help.


Lance Briggs

Injury: Shoulder

Length of time to be missed: 4-6 weeks

Replacement: Khaseem Greene is listed behind Briggs on the depth chart, so he should step in for the time being. He is a rookie 4th round pick by the Bears out of Rutgers, and was an All-American in 2012.


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