Okay...the day I had been waiting for.  Well, one day of many.  This past Tuesday on NBATV--which I regret not being able to view--had an hour long special in which they released the upcoming season's schedule for all 29 teams.  *But Jeff, there's 30 teams.*  I don't count the one in Charlotte, since they have yet to try to put a team together since they came into the league as the 30th team.  One playoff series is pathetic.

Here are some facts about the schedule which you may already know (Many facts and numbers will EXCLUDE NBATV as I have great disdain for not seeing this programming).

1.  My Knicks play in Indiana on January 16th. I will be going to this game. 

2.  NBATV is broadcasting several games, which means nothing to me since I currently am with a Cable TV company that doesn't offer this programming. 

3.  ESPN, ABC, and TNT are still televising the games.  So yes...unfortunately we DO have to put up with the "turrible" Charles Barkley and cohorts.

4.  I miss Mark Jackson as a commentator, but he will be seen much more on TV as the Warriors have 17 games on national TV. 

5.  The league has already given up on Boston's season, as they will have three nationally televised games.  And one of those is against Brooklyn, of course.

6.  Speaking of the Brooklyn Cel-Nets, you will see them on national tv 17 times.  By the time the season is done, you may have only saw Kevin Garnett play in about 8 games worth of minutes in those games.  Seriously, isn't this his 18th season?  People have been born and graduated since he started in the NBA.  How long can he keep going?  Watch those 17 games...who knows?

7.  Apparently, the league forgot that they DO have 30 teams.  Toronto does not play on national TV in ANY way, shape, or form until April 5.  Yup, you guessed it...NBATV.  One and done.  All other teams at least make two appearances on NBATV alone.  I'm sure John Canton is cursing.  Sad thing is, they're going to be better than teams such as Boston and Philadelphia, who are going to be on tv more.  Hey John, just make sure to vote a lot when TNT/ESPN advertises the "game of the week" for NBATV.  Maybe Toronto will get on one of those games.  Shame though, they have some talent, beginning with Rudy Gay.

8.  Hey NBA, your four semifinalists in this year's playoffs were Miami, San Antonio, Indiana, and Memphis.  Two of these teams combine for 16 nationally televised games.  COMBINED. I'm sure you know which two I'm referring to.  Think "really small market." Check my next fact for an eyebrow raiser.

9.  While Indiana and Memphis combine for 16 nationally televised games, there's a team somewhere in the league who lost a franchise player via free agency, their other franchise player tore his Achilles, their Canadian point guard is nearly 40, and they wrote off World Peace.  This team, in total disarray for the upcoming season, has 4 nationally televised games.  Oops!!  I made a typing mistake.  They have 24 (!!) nationally televised games.  How absurd is that?  More on that later.

10.  Also, in regards to having lots of televised games, Chicago gets Derrick Rose back and are on national tv now 22 times, with a number of NBATV games.  New York is given a grade of "D" by ESPN's Chad Ford for their offseason, and has 25 nationally televised games. 

11.  The Christmas Day Schedule, my second favorite day of the regular season, consists of Brooklyn-Chicago first.  Second is New York and OKC.  Third is Miami and LA Lakers.  Fourth is Houston and San Antonio.  And the nightcap is LA Clippers and Golden State Warriors.  For the most part, it makes sense. I would prefer more rivalries involved.  Also, more on that later.

12.  As much as I dislike Miami, they only have 23 nationally televised games.  For a third time, more on that later.

13.  Speaking of the Finals, San Antonio is on national tv 15 times.

There are 12 things I have noticed about the NBA schedule.  Probably you only care about ideas 3-12.  I like what I see, for the most part.

However, I have already mentioned this, and it's something I feel strongly about.  If we look at playoff results, your top four teams were arguably San Antonio, Miami, Indiana, and Memphis, in no particular order.  Three out of the four are in non-large markets.  My point is, market size shouldn't matter.  While I don't know where Memphis is going, San Antonio kept its core and added players to it.  Indiana is young, improving, and deepened its bench.  The Lakers aren't expected to make the playoffs, yet still have 24 games on national TV.  New York was taken apart by Indiana in their six game series. I love watching my Knicks.  But they don't deserve this many games on national tv.  Chicago doesn't either.  They proved nothing this year except that an old team will fall apart over the course of a season, and that Derrick Rose makes an excellent, suit-wearing cheerleader.  We don't know that either of these teams definitely improved, but yet they each have at least twice as many nationally televised games as Indiana or Memphis.  Both also have more than the Spurs.  

I can't even say enough about the Lakers.  No more Dwight.  Kobe may very well miss significant time with injury.  Steve Nash had an injury riddled season last year.  And Pau Gasol could be traded.  So...we have a team going in the complete wrong direction getting nearly a third of their games on national TV.

In short, this is simply my quick thoughts on some of the scheduling of the NBA's season this year.  Regardless, I am ecstatic and will watch nationally televised games, regardless of who plays.

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