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TJRSports is a website that is for the fans written by the fans. is a site dedicated to the world of sports. The letters TJR come from the title of the column written by this site's founder, John Canton, who writes a popular pro wrestling column called The John Report.

We cover the major sports all around the world including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MMA, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball and Soccer (or Football as the Europeans like to call it). Those are the "big eight" you could say. Our writers will also write about other sports such as Tennis, Golf, Boxing and others as we see fit.

- When a new column gets posted, it quickly becomes "Featured Content" meaning that it is the biggest looking post on the site. Usually in a day we have anywhere from 3-6 new columns. The most that can be featured in a day are four columns, so when you log onto the site be sure to look for those columns to see what the most recent posts are. 

- Alternatively, you can use the Archives feature to see a listing of the columns in a traditional manner. I know some people like looking at a site that way, so just bookmark and you'll get a listing of the columns as they are posted. You can also go through the Archives to see any column from the history of TJRSports. 

- You can also use the RSS feed for a listing of the columns. That actually might be a good way to avoid any censors you may run through. Personally I use the RSS feed and find it very handy.

Thanks for the support!